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The Unofficial Sycamores Website will be retired on March 31, 2022, it will remain static between now and then with no further updates.  To everyone who contributed, supported and visited the website during it's lifespan - thank you all.  Perhaps it managed to achieve some if not all of the original aims, and at times even brought a smile to visitors.


Since it's launch in 2017 the aim of this website has been and remains to provide a  resource for the whole community, to provide information regarding the company itself, the Lease which governs residents who already own property and potential buyers, and ultimately to encourage the Directors and Managing Agent to be open, transparent and accountable regarding the handling of Residents funds. These include the Service Charge Expenditure and the Sinking Fund when a property is sold.

This is an Unofficial Website, independent of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd., it is available for residents, their families, and anyone who wishes to contribute or comment, these are encouraged and welcome. 


December 31, 2021

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