Below is a copy of the Income & Expenditure Account which is at the heart of the ongoing issue between the website owner and the director and committee of the estate.  There has been repeated requested since 2018 for an analysis to be provided for the items starred and underlined in red since the Account was issued at the 2018 AGM, all requests have been  refused - the reason given by the director was "BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO."  They DO IN FACT HAVE TO!  

Residents are entitled to know how and where their Service Charge is being spent, and as the director and committee are there to look after the interests of the residents, that would include providing full information when requested especially where financial matters is concerned.

Due to the information not being provided, a request was put in for two residents to Inspect the Account, this too was refused with no reason given, this was a blatant breach of the Lease and an offence under the Landlord's and Tenants Act 1985.  It was at this point that the website owner withheld payment of the Service Charge which continues until such time as the director and committee fulfilled their legal obligations and allowed an Inspection to take place. 

Without repeating all the schenanigans and threats received which has been documented in other areas of the website, an invitation to Inspect the 2017/18 Account was received to take place on Wed 27/11/19.  The inspection did not take place because the director and committee decided for some unknown reason, that they wanted a signed non-disclosure agreement before they would allow it to go ahead - it is unfathomable how they came up with that idea because there is nothing confidential about the accounts which the residents should not know about.

If the existing director and committee are incapable of carrying out their duties and responsibilities towards the residents, then they need to consider their positions.

As a matter of interest - the account information published here is neither confidential or copyright, we the residents are the company, each of us own a portion of the Leasehold, so we have every right to ensure that our estate is run correctly and that all funds we contribute are accounted for.


May 11, 2020

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