What are the Committee Hiding?

Reference to the latest communication 31/1/19 from the managing agent on behalf of the director and committee and their refusal to allow access to inspect the Annual Account for 2017/18.  It is rather disturbing that they are willing to break the law and the terms of the lease to avoid having the relevant invoices etc inspected and it raises the question - if they are willing to do that when they are supposed to be responsible and accountable for the residents monies, what else might they be capable of?

Those residents who have lived on the estate for the past 3 years and longer will no doubt be aware of the shenanigans the director and committee have gone to with regard to the inspection of the Annual Accounts, they have avoided, delayed, and obstructed every effort made, they have refused to give the residents an analysis of the Repairs & Renewals with the comment ‘BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE TO’.  On top of that they have publically attempted to humiliate, and accused residents who have been attempting to gain access, of lying and dishonesty all of which has been documented on the unofficial website.

Why would they go to those extreme lengths in the past and now actually break the law to avoid inspection of the 2017/18 Account?

Lets look at some of the possibilities:

  1. One reason could be the possibility that they have been having ‘guvvy jobs’ done on the estate, the majority of the plumbing and electrical work had been done by the secretary’s son-in-law including finishing off the painting contract in 2016 (could that have been a 'guvvy job'?)

  2. Another possibility could be an explanation of why the director refused to give a full account of the painting contract expenditure.

  3. Or the reason she and the committee do not want the invoices and receipts for the Repairs and Renewals scrutinised by refusing to give an analysis? 

  4. Perhaps there are other reasons why i.e. possible favouritism shown to certain individuals on the estate who support the director and who have work done for them which should not have been paid for out of the service charge!

In an effort to throw light on their decisions these are simply possibile senarios to ponder and not accusations, however the only way to allay suspicions is to give full access to the Account itself, something they are obliged to do not only under the Terms of the Lease but under the Law itself. 


January 8, 2021

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