SINKING FUND CONTRIBUTIONS:  A discrepancy of 680 was found in the Sinking Fund Contributions included in the 2018/19 Annual Account.   This matter remains unresolved as of November 2019 and should it remain so it means that once again the residents will have to stand the loss out of their Service Charge contributions.
See the managing agent's explanation for this here.
SERVICE CHARGE WITHELD:   Instructing Archer Law Solicitors to send unwarranted letters threatening to take Legal Action regarding the Service Charge which had been witheld, this matter could have been handled more appropriately without spending the residents money when it wasn't necessary.  This expenditure is a misuse of funds and a misguided decision on the part of the director and committee who should be held accountable..
Archer Law Ltd includes all related correspondence
ERECTION OF SPINNEY AND FENCE:  Expenditure involved with the installation of a spinney complete with a fence - this was erected on common ground which actually breached the lease.  The purpose of this was to hide it from the view of any estate visitors as the director and committee decided that it was unsightly to see washing hanging on a line.
The Residents Pay Again In Breach of the Lease & Photos
WASHING LINE REMOVAL:  Cost involved in the removal of a residents washing post which had been there for a number of years, the director and committee stated it was on common land and had to be removed, also it was unsightly for visitors to the estate to see washing on a line. Here are the relevant links regarding this matter:
The Washing Pole Saga including Photos,   Article in the local Newspaper
COMPANIES HOUSE FILING;  Whoever was responsible for making the filing statement with Companies House missed the deadline of August 18, 2018, the consequence of this was that a penalty had been levied against the Sycamores for late payment, the penalty was somewhere between 150 and 375, unfortunately it is not known how much was actually charged as this will have been included in the Annual Account and not itemised.  The residents will have had to pay towards this unwarranted cost!
Details can be viewed here.
WEBSITE:   Expenditure incurred from the previous solicitor in sending threatening and intimidating letters in an effort to close down the unofficial website.  Because there was no itemisation given for the solicitors costs for these letters, the expenditure involved was hidden however the residents have contributed to this misuse of their service charge. Below are the relevant links:
Original Letter;    Letter dated 1/12/17;   Letter dated 12/6/18;    Letter dated 26/6/18;
MISSING FUNDS:   Discrepancy 600 found in the 2012 Annual Acount when the previous accountant was handling the accounts, when queried at the 2017 AGM, he stated this was a 'typo error', in fact it wasn't and no satisfactory explanation was received from him, nor did the director and committee do anything about it. The consequence of this was that the loss of the 600 came out of the residents service charge!


December 31, 2021

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