Communications during 2020


15/12/2020 - Letter to the Residents from the Managing Agent on behalf of the Directors


2/12/20 - Response to enquiry dated 30/11/20:-

In response to your queries I can confirm as follows 

  • Unfortunately due to the new Lockdown Rules brought in by The Government we were unable to meet on the 17th November 2020 as planned – hence no minutes
  • 19/20 Accounts are still with the Accountant and are yet to be released to us, once we receive a copy this will be sent to all Residents.

30/11/2020 - Further queries for the Managing Agent.

The following email has been sent with a couple of queries and hope that perhaps the Managing Agent could find time to respond as a number of residents are asking the same questioms:

A couple of queries: 

      It was noted in the Minutes of the committee meeting held on 15/9/2020 that the next meeting would be held on 17/11/2020 – can you clarify if the meeting took place and if so why have no minutes been issued? 

      Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the 2020 AGM was cancelled which is understandable, however due to the uncertainty of when it is likely to be held, why has the Accounts for year 2019/2020 not been released to the residents, can you explain?   

Thank you in advance.


 30/11/2020 - Regarding the Ombudsman's Ruling

It would appear that the Managing Agent is far too busy to reply to repeated requests see 17/8/2020, 18/8/2020 and 25/8/2020 to obtain a copy of the Ombudsman's Ruling regarding the claim against the previous solicitor Malcolm Smith Ltd, also to a query sent regarding the newly adopted dormant status of the Sycamores sent on 27/1/2020 noted on the Accounts for year 2018/2019.  As Managing Agents of the estate they are required to treat enquiries from residents professionally and efficiently as part of their duties and not to ignore them.

25/8/2020 - email enquiry sent to the Managing Agent.

Hi – Can you tell me what is happening to the minutes of the last committee meeting held on September 15, also regarding to my request of the 17/8/2020 to obtain a copy of the Ombudsman’s Ruling regarding the claim against the previous solicitor Malcolm Smith Ltd.,  which you had responded to on the 18/8/2020 where you stated you would look at the request and get back to me.

Thanks in advance.

18/8/2020 Update:  The Managing Agent responded to the request below stating "I will look into your request and back to you shortly."

17/8/2020 - Request sent to the Managing Agent

Dear Managing Agent

I received a copy of the committee meeting minutes held on Aug 4, 2020, wherein it  stated that Mrs. L.... the Secretary had been persuing a claim against the previous solicitor Malcolm Smith Solicitors which had been successful.   Would it be possible to see a copy of the ruling given by the Ombudsman?

Thank you in advance,


11/3/2020 - Response received from the Managing Agent & Directors to queries.



Acknowledgement email to the above sent 11/3/2020

Dear Managing Agent and directors, 

Thank you for your response letter dated March 10, 2020, confirming the status of the Building Insurance and other Services provided with regard to my premises, and have noted that the window cleaning service which had been withdrawn in June 2019, now appears to have been reinstated as of February 26, 2020.


26/2/2020 - Follow up email to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and directors

Further to my email below, unfortunately you have not to responded to my queries which is a little concerning,  if I am not covered under the estate Buildings Insurance Policy, then I will have no alternative but to obtain cover through a private insurance company for my premises.  Should there be no clarification one way or another I will take it that my property is not covered by you anymore, but please realise that this action may affect the estate buildings insurance.

23/2/2020 - Query sent to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and Directors

With regard to the services provided under the Lease, can you clarify the following queries given I am witholding my Service Charge due to another matter.

1) Are my premises still covered under the estate Buildings Insurance should there be a problem with my roof? 

2) Will you continue to maintain the guttering?

3) Will you continue to provide maintence in the event of any external drain problem?

I would be grateful if you would respond asap so that I know where I stand.

Thank you in advance.


27/1/2020 - Enquiry Sent Via Email

Dear Mrs. M....... 

Can you tell me when The Sycamores Residents Assoc. Ltd acquired 'dormant' status and why?

Thank you in advance.

23/2/2020 - there has been no response to date.


Communications during 2019 have been archived and can be found here.


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