The Ongoing Drain Problems

Update 5/5/18:  Further information has come to light with regard to the drain problem, notably:

  • The original report from the drain specialist was handed over to the committee and as far as can be determined is currently in the hands of the previous managing agent Mr. Egglestone.

  • The report itself appears to have found that when the properties were built the 'fall' of the pipes was not sufficient to accommodate the number of properties on the estate and advice was given that the problem would persist unless something was done about it.

  • As the drains themselves were apparently laid under the properties then there was and is no way to rectify the situation.

  • The website does not have any concrete evidence to back up the above statements as the information has come from one of the residents concerned and their family, however it is in the process of attempting to obtain verification from a number of sources, should anything further come to light it will be placed here.


An ongoing problem was identified some years ago when one of the resident's bathroom flooded with waste, at the time a member of the residents family called in a drain specialist who investigated to find out why it had happened as drains were getting blocked on a regular basis. Read more here from the resident concerned.

  • What the drain specialist uncovered is rather disturbing, aparently the 'fall' of the waste pipes was insufficient to take away the waste generated by the properties on the estate.  At the time they produced a full report and presented it to the committee who in turn were advised that unless something was done about it - the problem would continue.

  • For whatever reason nothing was done and since then drains are regularly getting blocked.

  • This is being noted here because the residents are forever being blamed for blockages and advised against 'putting anything down the toilets other than toilet paper' (once again noted in the last meeting held on 10/4/18), also noted was that 'more money has been wasted, yet again, on clearing the drains due to wetwipes.'

Read more on the health risks associated with blocked drains etc.