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21/9/2020 - Purchase of Furniture

Can somebody please tell me why us residents weren't told about the purchase of new tables and chairs for the community room?   We wern't consulted on getting decorators in to decorate the room, or the room re-carpeted, now in addition to that new chairs and tables have been purchased.

I know with Covid-19 we are not able to have meetings but we could have had one outside as the weather has been good, and we could have been informed then.  Why wasn't if mentioned in the minutes of the last committee meeting?  We as residents should of been consulted and informed after all we pay the service charge and have a right to have a say in what it is spent on - why weren't we told?

23/12/2019 - Serious Incident on the estate

At 6.45 pm yesterday 23rd December, I had a Fireman knock on my door, he said one of our residents had called them because of a problem with an acidy smell in her passage way, she had sent him over to me because she did not know what to do.  The Fireman had already checked the problem and said somebody from the electricity board was needed because it seemed like the smell was coming from the underground wiring and they were not allowed to look at it.  I told him there were committee members living on the estate and offered to inform one of them.

I went across to see the director Mrs. C.... so that she could deal with things but there were no lights on in her apartment so thought she wasn't in.   I then  called on Mrs. Joyce L....  as  she is the company secretary, to tell her about the serious problem because it needed a committee member to deal with the situation. When I knocked on her door initially she wouldn't answer but as the situation was urgent I continued to knock, when she saw who was knocking she shouted she didn't want to talk to me - I wonder why?  I repeatedly asked her to open the door so that I could tell her what was happening and what the Fire Brigade had said that there could be a fire in one of the stairways to an apartments and that it was URGENT because only the electricity board could deal with it.   She should have realised that there was something wrong for me to call at her home because I don't knock on anyone's door for nothing. 

If committee members refuse to take responsibility and deal with residents who have problems especially urgent ones, then why are they there and what function does the company secretary Mrs Joyce L.... serve apart from attending committee meetings and coffee mornings,  because she dosn't appear to do anything else and can't be relied on when a serious situation arises on the estate.


An Observation and question!

Why is it only the secretary's garage door which got painted?  Other residents pay extra for garages and there are 2 near me which are badly in need of a coat of paint! 

The following letter's  were delivered to the Managing Agent today 30/5/19

1)    Letter of Complaint regarding confidentiality.

To the Managing Agent of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd.

Dear Mrs. M.......

                I had assumed that matters relating to residents personal  financial matters and dealing with everyone concerned would be treated as confidential, not only by the managing company but by the director of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd., this turns out not to be the case. 

                I wish to register a complaint against Mrs. Doris Clark the director of the company,  who has just recently passed on personal information to a neighbour with regard to my reducing my Service Charge, however she failed to include the reason for my doing so thus leaving the matter open to speculation.  I would have thought that any information of this nature would be confidential to the people concerned and not gossip fodder  to be bandied about amongst other residents, unless I wanted it to become known.  Mrs. Clark initially involved a neighbour who is a notorious gossip and am sure she was well aware that if she wanted information to get around, then this would be the person to do it, and the information has already spread.

                Under the circumstances, can you stress upon Mrs. Clark that in the position she holds, she really should have known better and that in future she refrain from spreading gossip for her own ends.


2) Clarification of the reason for my reduction of the Service Charge.

Dear Mrs. M........

Reference my reduction in Service Charge

Regarding the above, you may recall you sent me a cheque for £30 as compensation for your removal and disposal of my washing post, this had been custom made at the time and not standard, and if you also recall I returned the cheque to you personally as the offer was not an acceptable one.

So to clarify the reason for the timing and the reduction amount, and perhaps you might like to ensure that the director Mrs. Doris Clark is included in this, is as follows:

1)      I had already paid the full monthly service charge by cheque up to the end of April so no reduction could be made at the time.

2)      This  was planned to to be a reduction over 7 months, the amount clawed back would be £70 in total which would go some way to be a more reasonable compensation given the circumstances.

3)      Consequently the first reduction took place in May  and will end in Nov 2019

I hope this clarifies the position for everyone concerned.

Just a little note to let people on the Sycamores know the mentality of these people who run the estate - they cut my clothes post down.  I came here to live and to retire, I didn't realise what was going to happen, from day 1 it's been a vendetta against me.  What they don't realise is I bounce back stronger.

The director and committee sent a cheque for £30 - compensation for the post being cut down, I paid more for my grandchildren's easter eggs!  I have given the cheque back to the managing agent.  I think it's disgraceful the way I have been treated, that post meant more to me as it was my independence.

I will hang my clothes outside my apartment, you can come tell me to take it in or even take it away but please leave my clothes.

Message sent to the Managing Agent 8/4/19

Waiting Compensation

At the beginning of March the director decided to cut my clothes post down without my permission, she had the managing agent get 2 men to cut it down.  She waited until I was out shopping, she not only cut it down they took my property away - thats stealing! 

I went down to their office and asked for my property to be returned and was told that it would have been taken away by the men and got rid of.  A member of my family said I should go to the police but decided not  to go.  What gives them the right to steal my property? 

Because of this I am witholding my service charge for possibly 2 months and will take it as the compensation the managing agent had promised me but never arrived.  Just  so you know the actual cost to me at the time I had the pole erected came to approx £95 because the pole was custom made for me and my disability and included labour and cement.  The distress and harassment you have caused me by taking my post down, and now leaving me without outside a drying line has been unbelievable, that you would treat a disabled old lady like this is a disgrace.

cc'd to the director and committee

Note from the website owner:  Since the item below was uploaded onto the website, there has been an update issued relating to the Incident mentioned below - please see here.

Just want to let people know I won't be using the hideway monstrosity, my clothes will be hung on my clothes horse outside my home.  You expect me to hang washing under a tree and get bird poo on it - not going to happen. The director and committee can't have a brain cell between them.  One good thing about it is a committee members cat went looking around the Spinney, wonder if he was the knicker thief.  The lady did hang her out - somebody must have stolen them.  Be careful where you hang yours there's a knicker pincher about!


Post removal of my washing post

Just want to let the residents know our committee are once again playing games and letting the managing agent do their dirty work, cutting my clothes post down so I can't hang washing out.  There again, where there's a will there's a way, I will keep putting washing out but I won't be putting it under the tree.  You cut the post down because people walking down Swalebrook could see it, can somebody explain to me why they put a spinney up where it can also be seen from Swalebrook?

If the man who lives above me can't stand seeing washing he should go live in a street house and hide in the back yard.  Why did he come here to live, go back to where he lived before, or perhaps he could go and live behind the park, then he could have a wall round his garden, then he couldn't go on about my washing.

Just want to thank the people who cut my clothes post down, you will all get old yourselves one day.  Thank you to the director and committee who told the managing agent to cut it down, at last it's gone - thats the end of it.  I wish the people who ordered it to be cut down had to live with my arms and knee, god forbid you ever have the same kind of accident that I have had and be left with the same kind of disability.

Other people have aerials on the walls in spite of the lease saying it's not allowed and you've said nothing to them - the director made my washing post her personal project and can only guess why.

If my post isn't returned as promised within 5 days I am going to report it to the police as stolen, you didn't have my permission to take it away.

Follow-up to 'A Noisey Neighbour'

To the committee member who said "Terrible" to me when I passed her on my way home yesterday:

Yes it is terrible - terrible when you're woken up when you've just gone to sleep and then you're awake all night!  Mind your own business.  You both may be on the committee but you're both just Gophers, I don't bother you - you don't bother me - end of!


This following email has been sent to the managing agent & cc'd to the director and committee today  24th Feb, 2019 for their attention.

Again - A Noisey Neighbour and Sleepless Nights

I went to bed at 10 50pm last night and fell asleep straight away,  by 11 15pm my neighbour a committee member was walking back and forward on floor above me and it went on for 30 mins or more and was awake until 3.30 am.  This is now happening regularly and I wrote to the managing agent and the committee  last year telling them about it - please click here to see the message but nothing has been done about it. I'm getting sick of this, he is really getting my back up, he should not have wooden floors in an upstairs apt.  I can hear him even through the daytime and sometimes I think he is just doing it to wind me up.

Can you please have a word with him and ask him to show some consideration for his immediate neighbour - thank you.

Just want to say regards Porkys told at the AGM, get your facts right.  One of the committee said she paid for the carpet, why was it only the the landing done?  The story was that the lady who lived on the same landing did not pee all over, her family have told me the true story.  Lets see where you bought it from with the receipt.  This committee member tells the family to sell the apartment, it's up to them if they want to sell.

Nobody approached me regards the washing line - this is another lie!!!  If people don't have anything to hide come and see me, I know what goes on around here but never comment to other people.  All I will say is I know about people on this estate, push too hard and I will start talking.

I would like to refer the managing agent, the director and committee to an email of I sent to them on 11/9/18 regarding people parking on pathways and over the drains. 

This morning there was a man parked up on the pathways over 2 drains - I asked him not to park on the drains because they will get damaged.  The last email referred to above dated 11/9/18 - has the committee or the managing agent actually done anything about it? 

Regarding committee members - I don't know what they think they are playing at when they look through my patio windows, only yesterday one of the committee members who lives over my side of the estate actually stood on the path opposite my patio doors and looked in - this is not only rude but the height of bad manners  and can't understand why she continues to do this! 

Regarding the dog poo in the undercroft yesterday - my dog is not responsible. 

Yesterday I called into the managing agents office with a request to have a job done, I hope I don't have to wait forever as the winter is coming on and this particular job is needed as soon as it can be arranged.


Just a little message to let everyone know my decorating is now finished, I know some people like to know whats going on in my life especially by the continued interest they show on a regular basis by stopping and looking through my patio doors so thought I'd keep you up to date.  People must have nothing better to do but look to see what I've put on today.  Happy reading!


Just a little message to my neighbour/resident who stood on the path outside my french doors the other day - get a life!  My dog was barking at him, he was stopped and was scratching his knee making the dog bark more, he then decided to walk on and look at the trees, the dog was still barking and when I looked he was still stood at tree - try giving it a  hug next time!  It's funny that the dog took a dislike to him right from the day I moved it.

Also just to let people know that from now on if I notice any suspicious people or potential thieves hanging around on the estate I will look the other way like every one else does.

Thanks to everyone who keep looking at what i put on here.

New Parking Spaces

Regarding the three parking spaces which have just been created, one is 16 bricks wide, the second one is 17 bricks wide, and the third one is only 11 bricks wide - the Builder had a good knowledge of maths!  Anyone parking in the first one would hit the lamp post when they reversed out.  I must admit itís a job well done and wonder how much this catastrophe cost.  Iíve been driving 45 yrs and never seen anything like it.

For the attention of the director, committee & managing agent

Will you please let residents know they are not allowed to park on pathways - if the drains get damaged I will not be putting my money up to pay for their repairs.   Also once again we have parking problems in spite of the recent creation of parking spaces.  As a matter of courtesy will residents not park over peoples garages.   Why don't the residents who have a garage at least park in front of them - what is the point of having a garage if you are not putting your cars in them!  Regarding the builder who worked on the parking spaces - I hope the director and committee asked him if he had a liability insurance document as it's a pity they didn't ask the painter who painted the properties in 2015.

Will you also see about getting the tree cut back near my home as it's not only me who wants it cutting back.  The tree near the director's home was cut back only couple months ago so ours wants cutting back too.  

My thoughts on renting properties on the estate - I donít think half people on the estate would of bought property here had they known that properties were going to be rented out.

Email was sent to the Managing Agent, director & committee 5/9/18

Can I just make residents and the committee aware of the stranger who was on a bike this morning trying to break into two garages.  The man concerned was about 25 years old, he looked over and seen me through my kitchen window.  It's time something was done about this as it is now happening regularly.  If the committee could get off their high horses and see what is going on on the estate, then maybe they would do something productive to make the residents feel safer in their own homes. 

Regards cars parking on pathways over drains - recently there was a car parked on the path near my home and in fact it was on the grass itself and over a drain, be warned I will not be paying extra money for any work needed to repair drains as this is happening all the time.  It's time that this should be made clear to all residents and families - it would be a good idea to have it noted in the meeting minutes instead of the usual rubbish like talking about wet wipes and washing lines which gets repeated every time minutes are issued.  

Email sent to the Managing Agent, director & committee 17/7/18 - For the Residents.

I would just like to point out to the director and committee that people talk to me and tell me what goes on here on the estate, I had a little word with somebody yesterday who told me to be careful, don't know what they were on about.

 If anybody has anything to say please come  to me and we can talk it out.  What we are trying to sort out by asking questions on the website is for the benefit of all residents and I am behind Lucy 100%.  I would like to know what the previous accountant has done about the £600 discrepancy in the 2012 accounts which was never answered. This was not only asked in an email to the accountant but also brought up  at the agm in 2016 -in both instances the response had been "it was a typo error".  How can we have a typing error of £600 not accounted for?

I would just like the residents to know that this is one of the reasons some of us keep asking questions about the accounts. I would like to, if possible before the AGM, to look at some of these receipts for the acccounting year 2015/16.  I hope the next time we have a meeting to look at accounts - and if the committee members want to be there they are welcome.

This following email has been sent to the managing agent & cc'd to the director and committee today 15th July for their attention.

Can somebody please tell me why the director and committee can communicate with residents when she/they donít know half of them?   People are only going on what they are told which part of it is lies (an example of this is the petition).  They should be running the estate with honesty because liers always get found out!  The retired committee members should not be getting involved in the running of the estate. 

To the resident who lives above me Ė thank you for taking notice of my complaint as since then all has been quiet and my zzzzzzís havenít been disturbed. 

Iíve sent an email recently to the agent, the director and committee regarding the tree near my house, and I would like it noted that when the leaves fall arrangements are made to collect the leaves because Iím not able to,  and the gardener has enough gardening to do. 

The drain situation again Ė itís allright for the director and committee to suggest putting drain cleaner down our drains, would they like to supply it because I buy 2 bottles of domestos a week and put it down the toilet and drains.  I also know that other people have mentioned it too.  These drains need sorting out permanently! 

The following email was sent to the managing agent today 9/7/18 and cc'd to the director and committee of the SRA:

Noisey Neighbours and Sleepless Nights

Once again I have had my sleep disturbed by my neighbour upstairs, at 3am this morning I was woken with a start by a loud noise from upstairs, I turned over thinking I could get back to sleep but again at 3.25  there was a further loud noise which sounded like a heavy object being dropped on a wooden floor.  This is happening on a regular basis and as far as I know people are supposed to be quiet from 11pm until 7am in the morning to ensure that residents can get a decent nights sleep. 

This is now happening so regularly that I have no option but to contact the managing agent in the hope that they can do something about it Ė possibly by getting in touch with Mr. ........... to see not only what can be done about it, to to see why it is happening.  I believe Mr. .......... has wooden floors and it is my understanding that people who live in the upstairs apartments are not allowed to have these for obvious reasons.

Our director has gone on holiday and wonder if she left instructions for the solictor's letter to be sent out before she went.  I hear she has a bad back and only hope it holds up ok on such a long haul journey on a bus.  I just hope she's ok and has a good time as I wouldn't wish anybody ill health.  In the meantime we are left with a couple of the committee members, one who has no head on and the other one who just a part-time committee member.  They say if you can't beat them join them, I'll have to think hard on that one!

Does this committee have any brains, people donít need to be told that the frames have got to be taken off before new doors are fitted.  I hope the committee donít mind I told the people who are getting new doors to sell their oldones, they paid for them.  Some of committee are running round like headless chickens, get grip or I might put up go on committee myself come the AGM (although I donít suck up to anyone like some), itís an option.


A funny thing happened when I got off bus and was walking down Swalebrooke, a  lady I was talking to asked ď whatís going on in the  SycamoresĒ,  somebody has told people outside about my famous clothes post,  well I laughed my butt off, I brought the lady round to show her the  post, guess what - she couldnít see it from where she was standing  and said she she loves see washing on a clothes line. Fame at last!  


Can some kind person please let me know that on earth these committee members think they know what being a committee member entails?  They walk around as if they own the place. 

You volunteered as either director or committee member to help people not to go against them, you seem to forget that there are a number of very infirm and ill residents and one day you too might be in the same place.  I have never seen any of you knock on any of their doors to see if they need anything doing.

Can I also say to committee member who lives in apartment above me,  your darned cat woke  me up at 4 am  again, my family will be having words eventually.  I have said all along you must have wooden floors in your apartment because it sounded like a ball dropping on floor, not to mention all of the other thumping noises coming through my ceiling on a regular basis.  i have  not said anything before because I have a dog, but my dog does not bark during the night and disturb you while you are sleeping.

Comments on the latest minutes.

Just  a letter regarding the minutes of meeting of 5th June.  Once again we have same old things discussed:

Wet wipes not putting them down the toilet.

Fire safety which had never been done before I started bring the matter up, the director and committee didn't have a fire assessment done before that.

Wedding celebrations party -  a number of residents including myself were not invited, what I did do was I bought a cake and a couple of bottles of wine for the residents who attended, I took these to the community centre for the residents to enjoy.   One of the commitee members took it on herself not to give these to residents, she just thinks it's her right to decide what to do on Sycamores.  True team effort would include everybody and not just a few. I have never seen anything like it!  I think director should take some lessons on  dignity decorum.

To the director and committee.

Can somebody tell me why people in power think they have a right to talk about others who are selling apartments on the estate?  I think these matters should be private.  Residents on the estate are getting a little bit sick of people who can't keep things private.  When my apartment goes up for sale you donít have the right to know about it, the only time you should get involved is when you get the sinking fund sorted.  I'm in talks with my family to sell or give my apartment away and you won't get to know either way until its finalised.  Just thinking about it!

I hope when the residents who decide to go on their bus trip in June that they enjoy it, but wonder if they know that if any disabled residents decide to go they will be on their own with nobody to assist them as the commitee will be looking after themselves.  One resident has already raised concerns with regard to disabled walkers and says that only 2 are actually allowed on hire buses and I wonder if the committee has actually thought it through properly before suggesting it.

I am disappointed that the committee are so petty minded and mean spirited to leave a number of residents out from being invited. Personaly I wouldnít go to the end of the street with them.  I do hope they look after these infirm residents who do go, and bring them back safe and sound.     Thanks for nothing!


I  would just like to say thank you to the committee member who read my message regarding cleaning the residents paths, thank you for doing that.  There is no need for all this unpleasantness - just keep doing what you do to help the residents. Please  donít forget we are residents as well.  I'm just wondering why I didnít get a letter about the proposed trip the same as other residents - could it be because you donít like me. We all live here and singeling some of us out makes you look more stupid than usual, residents are already  asking questions about it.  Man up and put a letter in our doors, we are starting to get a complex!  thanks

Isn't it interesting how my washing line is still getting looked at by committee members walking round.  One stopped at my french doors while I was cleaning them and not only looked at the line but looked directly into my front room, if she had come into the house she would have seen more.  Committee members would have been better off by going with a brush and shovel and cleaning the paths of some residents where recent workmen had been after the electricity cut, do something helpful and useful for a change instead of being nosey.

An Observation

It's amazing when you think about it -  regarding the electric getting cut off, why didnít the director or one of the committee arrange with other residents to either help out or even open up the community room if the elec was still on there, so that there was somewhere for the affected residents to go and have a hot drink.  Some of these are not only old people but  some are poorly and the committee are supposed to be there to help the residents in time of need, this requires people skills which they don't appear to have any, instead of repeating their mantra of putting wet wipes down drains.  I use 2 bottles of domestos every week down my drains and still they stink from the main drain - you need to get the drains sorted as the problem is not going away 

Clipart has been removed from this item as apparently it has caused great offence and distress to the director and committee to the extent that they are seeking legal redress!

To the director and committee, if the director and committee wish to call me a trouble maker please say it to my face, I couldnít care less.  

If the director wishes to carry on saying this, like a child in school yard. I might be tempted to start saying what I know about her.  A person who lives on the estate rang me to tell me to back off one of the committee members, I was polite and said I will do what I  want to.

Thanks to every one who reads my wall,best thing was this website.- long may it continue.

Theft of my Clothes Prop

I would like to tell people on the Sycamores Site regarding the theft of my belongings, don't steal them if you need them more than me, knock on my door and I will gladly give them to you.  You must be really sick people to steal from a disabled pensioner.  In future take as much as you want but it will be the last thing you will pinch again.  Watch this space you disgusting person or persons.

Suggestions regarding items in the latest Minutes.

We have once again got the clothes line under consideration, why donít you let it drop as you cannot do anything about it.  Also there's the subject of drains again, get a grip and sort them out - something you should have done when  an old lady's bathroom got flooded.  Fire safety report should be a priority so get some cash back off Vicky and get the urgent things done.  Fences between Sycamores and Staindale - paint them on our side and let Staindale do their side - thatís only fair.  Why doesnít the director and committee get things sorted or resign their positions.

All quiet in my neck of the woods

I had a lovely day out yesterday with my grandchild, when I got home I looked around and found that the washing pole and washing line are still up and intact - am wondering if whoever is responsible for the previous incident has decided to leave me alone and pick on someone else.  Maybe it's because the new management agent if coming onto the site to run it.  I see that someone has been really interested in what I've been putting on my page, happy reading you sad people..

Following on from the topic below - my grandson has been on phone today to see if the clothes line is still intact, I said yes it was up till now, .I also told him it would be a very stupid person to try something like that again.  Why donít they all get over themselves and leave my property alone. These people must have very sad lives to worry about a clothes post - they need to get a life and are pathetic cowards who haven't got the guts to talk directly to me instead they sneak around when no one is looking and do their stupid deeds.

To all the Residents and Committee

I just want to keep you all up to date with clothes line saga, it was definitely a deliberate act of vandalism what they done to my clothes line.  My grandson has now put a new one up - touch this one and see what happens.  Here is a photo of the bracket of old one, whoever is responsible man (or mouse)  twisted it anti clock wise to bend it - why donít you man up and come to me, we could talk about it and sort the problem out - someone must have a major problem to stoop to these tactics.


Thefts on the Estate

A nice wet day ahead of us and I wish I could go on my holidays and not worry about whats happening at home here on the estate with all the thefts going on. 

Photo of my Budda

Someone recently stole my Budda which was outside my front door, I have had it for years, it held much sentimental value for me and am sad that it's gone. It was bought as part of a pair which I still have but because the first has has been stolen I'm not putting it out and risk it getting stolen too.  If anyone has any information on who might have been responsible I would be grateful if they would please let me know. 

There are too many thefts going on around here at the moment and if we all stick together can can stop a lot of the incidents happening by keeping our eyes and ears open and reporting anything suspicious.

Just a Thought

People must be enjoying my page as there has been loads of viewes lately, just want to say thanks to all who keep coming back to it.  Iíd like to share something else Ė after a lifetime of all sorts of things happening to me good and bad, I can recall everything like it was yesterday, sometimes I think I must have the memory of an elephant as I never forget anything, sometimes I wonder if it's a blessing or a curse.  Anyway just wanted to share that thought especially if anyone has done me wrong.

Drain and Parking Problems

With regard to wet wipes blocking the drains it should also be noted that the drain cover which had to be replaced near my property, it could be that part of the problem is down to people parking their cars in the undercroft itself,  I had to go out to a taxi which had parked there over the two drains a couple of days ago.  If the committee member who lives above me had his blinds open he would have seen what was happening and would see that this also happens regularly.  If the committee could include this problem on the next minutes Iím sure people might take notice, I also want to say that in future if anything happens to these drains I will not be paying extra on the service charge to cover it.

Clothes Post

Regarding my clothes post, I just hope the committee leaves my post alone and stops being so petty.  In a few more months the plant around the post will grow and people will be able to see how it hides the post.  It must be very nice to look at even now because people are stopping and checking it out - or is it the clothes post which is proving interesting?  Thank you all for looking after it.

21/1/18: Message Sent to the Managing Agent, Director and Committee Members - Subject: NOISE

I would like to report a problem  with my upstairs neighbour.  The most recent problem (of which there has been a number since I moved in), started when I was  in my living room on Thursday when there was an almighty bang,  it sounded like something was being dropped from a height onto the floor Ė it was so loud and appeared so heavy that my light fitting in the ceiling shook Ė it gave me quite a shock.  Every day there is banging from above not only through the day but late in the  evening and at times during the night to the extent that it wakes me up. I believe the neighbour must have wooden floors due to the level of noise.   Iím surprised on two counts 1) it is a committee member who lives upstairs and should know better, and 2) my understanding is that residents were not allowed to have wooden floors when they live in an upstairs apartment.

21/1/18: On Saturday I was in a shop in Middlesbrough and the director walked passed me and as she passed she stopped about 15 ft away from me, she began shouting to her sister Margaret who was with her for her to turn round and look at me.  I would like to say that if the director has a problem about me (as in the past she has referred to me as a troublemaker and that people should avoid me), then  I wish she would not involve her family instead come directly to me and we can talk about what is bothering her.

29/11/17: Isn't it funny how one of the committee members who watches  people that come and go to my house, and regularly comes out to them to make comments,  and yet  he can't see water spilling over the guttering soaking the walls of people apartments. I arranged for the website to contact the person who sees to repairs, and he has arranged for someone to come tomorrow morning 20/11/17.

22/11/17: Will committee members please note,  next time you have a meeting stop people double parking and blocking the entrance to peoples pathways. Thanks

22/11/17: I phoned the Managing Agents office yesterday regarding the agm minutes, I wanted  speak to his assistant but he answered the phone.  I asked him about the minutes for the agm, he said he was going through the paper work.   It has been over two weeks since the meeting , and we usually get a copy of them in two or three days.  

I would  like to know why the accounts are not put down in a way so we can understand it all, for instance have everything seperate rather than lumped together. 

Regarding the painting contract, I would like to know why the man who did the job in the first place was paid in full before job was finished .    Did this man have an indemnity policy to cover him before he started the work?  The painter who worked on his own is a friend of my nephews. The man who finished the job did do a good job. 

I was told at agm by an ex committee member that I am not allowed to have a dog here, how is it other people on site are allowed and nothing is said to them? 

Regarding the bins I have fastened mine in so I have easy acces to it.  

I  have  been sent to Coventry by some residents recently and donít understand why ????????

20/8/17:  I wish to point out that the confrontation which happened on Sunday 20th Aug involving a committee member had nothing to do with my family,  I feel I am being singled out and possibly victimised by some members of the committee and there have been several occasions when a number of other residents have actually commented on all the problems I have experienced.  I am not a bad person and if people come to me with a problem I am only too happy to work with them to find a solution, I would very much appreciate them not involving my family because I own the property and am the resident not them.

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December 31, 2021

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