Re: The Block Paving article

Quote from the last Minutes of Meeting held 14 July:

“if anybody is struggling with maintaining their own area and requires assistance please do not hesitate to contact etc ….”

I hope the above comment is a genuine one otherwise it is just rhetoric and means nothing – and refer back to the original article regarding the Block Paving which I support the request wholeheartedly.

Over the years the committee have gone on about things the residents arn't allowed do outside their properties like hanging washing, planting shrubs etc because everything belongs to the Sycamores Estate. 

Now can someone answer me this:

If you need help with maintaining the front part of their property then I’m afraid it then suddenly belongs to the resident who must be responsible and not the Sycamores – why is that?

When one resident I know put in a request to have the fence outside her front door filled in, the committee refused and can’t understand why when it belongs to the Sycamores who also are supposed to have the residents interests at heart.

So come on committee and do the right thing by us and live up to the promise indicated in the statement - to help out residents who have difficulty coping.


Regarding the recent Poll

I have watched the recent poll with interest since it was put up last week and have been pleasantly surprised by the response and votes registered for and against the website. I am so glad to see that others reflects my own thoughts of what a valuable resource it is to the estate on a number of fronts.

Since the site came into being I have personally found it so useful as it contains important information regarding the estate itself, for instance the lease and memorandum of association etc which I had no idea about as there was little or no information coming from the director, committee or managing agent at the time to keep us residents up to date.  Since the website - I can now see when questions are being asked or issues raised on numerous subjects, especially about where my service charge is being spent - sadly in a lot of cases those haven't been answered and sometimes I do wonder why not. I would recommend that new people to the estate visit the website as I feel sure it might prove useful and informative.

I would like to think that now there has been a vote to keep the website going or to close it down, that other residents might feel comfortable enough to begin interacting with it i.e. comment on it's content, or if they have an opinion about something to share it on the website - it would be lovely if they did and help us all here on the estate feel that we actually belong to a 'community' rather than just be another resident.




I was reluctant to put this article on the website however I feel it needs airing.

There is a certain person (she knows who she is) who walks around here at approx 2pm everyday give or take a few minutes, when she reaches my property she steps from the pavement, gets right up close to my window and looks in.  Now I don't only find this rude but am curious to know what she is looking for.  I have done various things over the weeks and months to prevent her seeing into my window i.e. cushions built up on a chair also leaving the blinds ajar.

I would like her to know that some people (we are all different) like privacy and to keep themselves to themselves and I have stated in the past if people want to look in my property they are welcome to make an appointment, then they can look in and satisfy their curosity, but I can assure this person I am the same as everyone else with a very boring small terraced bungalow.


31/1/21 - Comment on the recent item regarding Parking Observation

It's noticable what is happening with the parking situation, one resident in particular seems to think that because she is the secretary, she can continue to take up a parking space which should be available for others, the argument made by her husband has been that she is disabled and needs to be near where she lives.  If that really is the reason which I doubt, more likely they feel entitled to park where they want and are just selfish by nature and really don't care how it inconveniences other residents, why can't she be dropped off near her home and then her husband could park 'outside his garage'.    If they arn't willing to compromise then it would be a good idea if they let it be known that their space in front of their garage is available for anyone to use seeing as they don't.  I seem to remember my neighbour telling me a number of years ago, that they actually 'withdrew their permission' for her to park there simply because they were not suited about something or other - just who do they think they are!!!.


21/9/2020:  Re: The Recent Notice on The Sycamores Website Regarding The Directors

I couldn't help but notice what a lot of directors we have acquired lately on the estate - I have some questions:

1) Do we have a "Chief" director, or

2) Is it just weight or height which is required to determine their status?

I know we pay a managing agent to take care of all the financial affairs and the running of the estate, so I ponder whether the directors which leads to another question:

3) What role do the directors play in the scheme of things, are they directors in name only with no practical function, and just there to make up the numbers???


The Latest Minutes

On reading the minutes of the recent meeting, I was rather surprised to read that all the residents are allowed to inspect the accounts without restrictions.  I would like to know why the website owner was required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to enable her to inspect the accounts?  It would seem that they are going to an awful lot of trouble to ensure she dosn't inspect anything, especially if you read what has happened in the past and I wonder why.  I also wonder why other residents are keeping their opinions to themselves over this as it's in our interest to know what our service charge is being spent on!

Regarding the appointment of the two new directors, why were we not told about this because I only found out through the website, were the committee trying to keep it secret and why wasn't it announced in the last minutes?  I feel there is going to be more directors than residents shortly.


Faithful Followers

As you know I am an avid follower of all that is published on the Sycamores website and find it invaluable for keeping me updated with all the latest information.  I know by the 'hits' on the website that I am not the only resident who checks in regularly to see whats been happening and am sure there are lots more like me.  My latest interest has been the Sycamores Accounts plus the discrepancies regarding the accounts.

Now I would like to state especially to all the committee who have tried everything in their power to close our website down and ask "What if we didn't have a website - would all the mistakes regarding money and misuse of our money, just get pushed under the carpet never to see the light of day?" - i.e. £680 etc etc

So I say to all of the other faithful followers, lets get behind the website and what it's trying to achieve which is a better deal for all of us, it's our money they're spending without thought as to whether the residents agree or not!


About the 'Sinking Fund Discrepancy' and 'The recent burglary on the estate' Items.

Once again I am gob-smacked reading the contents of the above.  It literally has me amazed at what lengths the director, committee, secretary etc., will go to -  even stooping as low as lying.

This can't just be to regain their 'power' and 'bullying' etc., can it be to HIDE THEIR DISCREPANCIES regarding the latest £680 which has come to light?

Now come on all you residents, lets start being more active and ask questions because if the latest discrepancy is anything to go by - WHAT ON EARTH HAS GONE ON in the past which has never come to light without checks or a follow up!

This is now a very serious situation.


A Polite Notice

Would residents please refrain from looking in my window when passing my bungalow.  I find this very rude and there is one particular resident (she knows who she is), if the blinds are partially pulled down she will actually bend down to secure a view.

Now if their curiosity is too much and providing they make an appointment I will show them around, then there will be no need for them craning their necks and bending down - this can be dangerous for people as they get older and I wouldn't want anyone to injure themselves.

Thank you.


Re: The minutes of the recent meeting Aug 13

What a lovely pleasant surprise to receive the above minutes minus all the usual aggressive, bullying 'I'm in charge' tactics.  We now appear to have moved on from that deplorable behaviour and now the director and committee members do finally realise what their duties entail - i.e. looking after the welfare of the residents and the estate.  I must once again say well done to the website, the director and committee do seem to be taking on notice of what is being published on it - a good example is the recent parking sign erection by the secretary, now they are allowing the other residents who own garages to place signs if they want to, so long may it prosper and keep all the bully's and power seeking people well and truly in their places.

It's nice to be nice !!! 


Re: the Inspection of Accounts:

I have been reading with interest the owner of the website wanting to inspect the annual accounts, however it appears the director and committee were reluctant for the latter to want this to happen, I wonder why!!!

The website has definitely won out this time, I worry what could or would happen if we didn't have a website would we all i.e. (Sycamores Residents) just have to sit back PAY UP AND SHUT UP!

Well done to the website, long may it continue for the benefit of all the residents on the Sycamores.


The arrogance of some people is breathtaking!

I read the latest update on the erection of a no parking sign with interest and wonder if the person responsible actually knows and appreciates that the land on which the garages are built on, the parking spots in front of them, are actually owned by the Sycamores Residence Association Ltd, and not the keeper of the garages themselves, this also applies to all the other unallocated parking spaces.  It follows that the person or persons who erected the sign is not in a position to dictate who should park in front of their garage, or that no parking is allowed.  It would be as well for them to remember that they are only the temporary owners of the garage itself while they live on the estate and it should be used for their own use and not their relatives.  

Referring back to the incident mentioned, it's a bit cheeky and high handed for these people to even consider giving permission or removing permission for another resident to park in front of their garage, especially when parking is limited and they cannot expect to lay claim to 2 parking spaces and have one left unused for their relatives convenience who, word has it on the estate, that he keeps some of his business equipment in the garage.

Regarding the 'Stink' on the Sycamores.

Regarding the above article, as far as I can remember there has always been an odour regarding the accounts etc.,  it's always been a closed shop not to be tampered with or questioned!!!

I know mistakes can be made because it happened to me not so long ago.  I purchased a garage a few years back from a Mrs. 'W' residing at No. 20, however my near neighbour Mrs. 'P' at No. 26 passed away and her family approached me regarding the said garage as Mrs. 'P' had her name on the paperwork as owning the garage.

This obviously was a big mistake which should never have happened or should I say 'a typing error'!  It needed solicitors to sort things out so if that could happen what else is going on!!!  We definitely need checks and more checks on the residents money, so come on all Residents, let us all come forward and get behind the resident who is asking the questions and get things sorted properly.


Re: The Finger Gesture

Reading the above incident on the estate I think that behaviour is unacceptable and very rude coming from an old person for all she may be on the committee, why do old people revert back to childish behaviour school yard bullies, they need to take stock, make a shawl, take up knitting or a hobby to keep them out of trouble, and above all act their age !!!

Now my main worry would have been - what if these bullies knew that we couldn't name and shame them via the unofficial website, would it be 'fisty-cuffs' because the latter has been known to occur on the estate in the past. So I think it's time to grow up and just live your own life in a quiet respectable way.

If the committee are on their walk-abouts in future could wear some form of identification (not a finger gesture) I would appreciate it because I get them mixed up with the Johovas Witness. Perhaps if they would like to refresh their memories on a suggestion which was made about foot patrols, especially the last paragraph, it might help.


Regarding the Drains

Once again there has been a blocked drain problem, however this time owing to the new agent looking after things on the estate, the job was dealt with in a very efficient and professional way.  Thank goodness we had no bullies to deal with i.e. the director and the secretary of the Sycamores - they usually scream: 'wet wipes, wet wipes' and charge through your property shouting:  'I want all of these fences knocking down etc etc';  commenting on your home saying: 'people around here are just doing what they like'.  It all adds to the stress of having a drain problem and ends up making mountains out of molehills.

I feel so much more relaxed knowing we now have the backing of a company we can rely on without making our lives a misery.

It really does give you peace of mind knowing the bullies have now been put to bed and that's in part owing to the Sycamores Unofficial Website.

I also say to all of the committee- if your job on the Sycamores is now redundant, why not apply to one of the Social Clubs for a position on their committee - I feel you would be welcomed there.


Thoughts on the 'New Feature'

I thought it might have been a gents toilet in which case it would come in handy as an alternativer if ever the drains get blocked again!


Re: The 'Imagine' Article

I have been reading with great interest a recent article on our unofficial website - "Imagine", I was most impressed with the accuracy in the wording of this brilliant article, in fact I go as far as to say that is exactly how the Sycamores Estate is and has been from the beginning.

As you all know I have lived on the estate for - approximately 24 years,  and during that time I have seen and heard a lot from the residents and how they had been treated, unfortunately a lot of those older residents have now passed on and are no longer with us.  I can recall one occasion many years ago when we even had a petition, the residents wanted to know where their monies were being spent, this was knocked on the head very quickly by the committee.  I now feel it would be the power of the committee and the use of solicitors today which would frighten all the old people off .

I agree completely with the writer of the "Imagine" article, when you are getting old plus illness, you do tend to keep your head down, how I know this to be true is it's happening to me tee! hee!

So come on all you young new residents, give the website owner your support, the whole point of it is to hopefully improve things for all the residents especially about what your and  their money is spent on, it's for your own good too and for the future of the Sycamores Estate.


A thought for the day

Have any residents noticed a complete change and a lovely relaxed atmosphere on the estate now that the bullies are being weeded out?  For example:

I can have a delivery from Tesco without the fear of a bully screaming 'how long will you be parked there as I want to reverse in that space Me! Me! Me!  Also my son can pick me up close to my front door without an outburst from a bully, and I have also noticed that when families are visiting they can feel free to park near their relatives homes in peace.

Now why I am making such a statement is I want to inform the new residents not to jump on the bandwaggon and become a bully, it's not a very nice legacy to be remembered for also don't live life with a Me! Me! Me! attitude, instead be kind to your neighbours.  It's nice to be nice, in fact 'Live and let Live' makes for a happier environment.


It's a Dog's Life!



A puzzle for the weekend

It appears nobody around here gives a Butchers .

They can go on scoring their own goals without direction, however if people did talk it would open up a can of worms and they would have to 'move', in fact I would go so far as to say it would be like 'I'm a celebrity - Get me out of here!!!


Re: The Dear Departed

Can we please have some respect for the departed residents on the estate, example:  I heard when a resident departed a certain committee member jumped on the band wagon to blame the departed lady for 'pee' etc which I won't repeat, this was done in order for her for her to gain a new carpet on a common landing.  All this talk is really serious, please think before you blast off about the people who can't defend themselves.

Then I've heard comments from residents when they move in saying 'I had to gut this place etc etc., or even worse, one near neighbour was actually afraid to depart worrying about the gossip which could follow, she even left orders in her will to not let anybody into her property until it was decorated etc, this to me is absolutely disgraceful.  You buy what you see and also do not blow other peoples candles out to make yours shine brighter!!!  Who knows - you too may pee yourself before you depart!!!

So, Get A Life


Re: We don't have to:

Regarding the above quote made by the director at the recent AGM can I put an example to her regarding that statement!!!

We have a community centre on the estate where quite a lot of the residents enjoy a weekly coffee morning there, it's a time to meet up with their friends etc.  I believe this is approx. 50 pence each for the refreshments etc.  The director takes care of all monies collected to to towards an annual lunch out to be enjoyed by all.

Now I have heard snippets, rumours, or could even be gossip, but one or two of the residents have stated they would love a breakdown of the weekly monies or even a total of what has been collected, including, in the even of them going for the annual lunch, exactly how much it cost.  Can the residents ask for the latter or if they did, would they be sent to 'Coventry' and an even worse senario, might they too be asked to 'MOVE'!!!

My point which I want to get across here is, don't you think when handling 'MONEY' you do 'HAVE TO" especially when dealing with other people's money.


Another comment on the AGM 2018 Minutes

On further reading through the recent minutes, I came across a topic very close to my heart where the director stated to my neighbour:


Well can I inform all the residents of my experience with the latter.  I had some very dear friends and a close neighbour who I know did exactly what the director suggested.  They were bullied, the said committee was interfering with all the jobs they were trying to do to update their property, it was so serious that eventually they did move.  Now I know the latter is good for business: the Sinking Fund, however do you think this is the correct way to treat elderly residents!  Now because we have the website I feel this could never ever happen again without a big show down.


Minutes of the recent AGM 2018

Received the minutes of the AGM this morning, it made for interesting reading.  I was interested to note that the sinking fund does not receive any interest, a good topic brought to the fore by the website owner.  Now as far as I am aware after living on the estate for over 20 years, the sinking fund always was placed to receive the highest interest available by all of the past treasurers.  Why has this changed?

I also noted that the committee feel they are not trusted, believe you me it's not a case of mistrust at all.  The Sycamores is quite a big business to run on behalf of the residents and quite honestly, I think it is the only business run where they don't need put all their cards on the table, the residents need breakdowns of maintenance etc etc in the interest of looking after the residents money.

So well done again to the website.  Have people not heard 'MONEY MAKES DEVILS'  if not supervised!

Now regarding parking, the secretary's husband or indeed herself, will never have a problem because they now have two choices.


Regarding the Sycamores Unofficial Website and it's Owner

Like me I know a lot of you will all be fascinated with the technology of today and especially what it means for our grandchildren and great grandchildren's future.  Business' can be run from home at the press of a button, we can learn about most things and possibly help solve some of our problems, in other words the internet and all it can offer are invaluable, it is there for each and every one of us to use old and young if we have access.

Also what a great opportunity the residents on the Sycamores estate have, did you all know if you need help learning about, or have a query regarding your ipads, laptops or computers, we have a resident (the website owner) who is only too happy to pass on her knowledge on how these devices work and assist any resident who might be experiencing problems, this is invaluable to know. I have already found her to be more than  helpful when I have encountered a problems on one of my devices and would recommend any resident to get in touch with her should you to have a problem or need advice.

The AGM is with us shortly and if you are asked to vote on the Sycamores Website's existance again, please give it it your support, I feel the website in the future could make a remarkable difference to the residents if the whole estate supported it, that includes the director and committee..

I hope that now we have a new managing agent dealing with the accounts and everything else on the estate, that they will show less bias and be more professional in their approach which in turn should relieve some of the residents of the need to assume they are doing the right thing for the Sycamores by always being loyal to the director and committee.


A note for all residents

Would residents please note -

using electricity i.e. washing machines and dryers overnight does not save you money!!!  The majority of residents are on two meters and machines are on day time!!!

I have heard that gossip in the community centre is very misleading for old people regarding this topic and all that overnight washing and drying does is just disturbs your neighbours, the drumming sound travels at night.   We all live in close proximity and have to consider our neighbours at all times, and remember, the walls are paper thin in terrace houses and flats and were built for a purpose - peace and quite for elderly people.


Re:- The recent update on the website.

I do admire the owner of the website regarding the above, I fear she is going where angels fear to tread asking for a breakdown of expenses etc.  I don't think the peasants are allowed to go there as it's a closed shop and you just have to pay up and shut up, if you don't you get sent to Coventry and no invites for you - i.e. parties, bus trips, lunches out!!!  I hope I'm wrong however reading the website information nothing appears to be in black/white as yet.

This is now a day and age with all our technology we should be able to see the accounts giving full details when the annual account is presented to the residents - it's as simple as that.


I would like to give my personal reasons why I get very disheartened with how the estate is run by the SRA director and committee.

If I or any resident needed to have work done on the outside of their property at their own expense, the director and committee would want to know who they intended to employ to carry out the work, eg., what degree's they have or the pubs they drink in etc etc.  However when it comes to serious money - the residents and the Sra's, they just do as they d... well please and employ any Tom, Dick or Harry, the money appears to never be a problem.  They even get relatives and friends to carry out the work.  Can someone let me know if this is a fair deal for all because I don't think it is!

It would appear that the director and committee are not content with the control of SRA funds, I feel they would like to to take control of the residents personal finances too given the opportunity.


Thoughts in the Shed on a Sunday morning

On reading the latest write-up on our website regarding the painting contract, it beggers belief why the director and committee members don't embrace the website, after all it has always been for the benefit of the Sycamores and the residents, I know if I was running a business I would welcome the brilliant technology that the website uses.

Remember we are dealing with large amounts of the residents money held by the SRA and it should be handled with respect at all times.



Oh how sad the removal of the clipart on our website, however understandably they very good likeness's to the committee and director - maybe too close to the knuckle.  So in the future we will have to refer to the sdaying:

"Ah - the gift that god he gives us, to see ouselves as others see us"

That should suffice!!


Re Latest updates on the website

I have been reading with great interest the latest attempt by the director and committee to close the website down i.e. the solicitors letters and open letters.

It really never ceases to amaze me to what lengths the committee and director will go to prevent openness regarding the accounts and maintenance expenses etc. I feel as one of the residents and shareholders of the SRA it is our right to know what is going on, i.e. the breakdown of the accounts plus the receipts for maintenance etc.

It states in the solicitors letter that 46 residents disapprove of the website, can I state that residents who come to live on the estate and generally retired and elderly, some of them are sick people and would prefer to just have a peaceful life.

I know from past experience that this problem of secrecy regarding the accounts etc has gone on for years, just show your hand with the latter then there would be no need for unrest!!!   After all that is why the website was created.   Fair for all!

I think in future when appointing directors and committee members, they should be well vetted beforehand for their ability to be able to carry out the duties involved, also a good clean impeccable stain-free character is essential.  Nobody should be allowed to slip through the net.


The Saviour of the Sycamores - The Sycamores Unofficial Website

Since the website was launched it appears that control of the director and committee members has diminished to a greater or lesser extent, this has allowed the residents to know exactly what the committee's duties entail or should entail i.e. no more lording it over the residents and no more bullying and interfering tactics etc

If the director and committee still insist they want an active role to play lets put their time to good use.

1) What about an update to the community centre - boy oh boy this place needs updating - comfy chairs etc., to bring it out of the 1950 school room era!

2) Shopping for the housebound on the estate.

3) Get their heads together for good causes - I could think of lots.

4) Make money for the Hospice also the NHS - we are going to need the latter for future generations.

As you all know I have never ever been in favour of a committee especially on an estate like the Sycamores - I feel this leads to them being over familiar, being nosey parkers, and creating unnecessary gossip etc (some of us residents like our privacy).

My point being if the said director and committee still insist they have a role to play - (they have obviously enjoyed their sense of power which has never been questioned in the past otherwise they wouldn't partake), let us put them to good causes.

Each and everyone of us are a shareholder member of the estate so let us all work together, pass the time of day with each other, help one another, smile, wave and in no time at all the Sycamores could even be a better place to reside.


Good to be home

Well folks I am alive and Kicking after a brief stay in hospital, (I have made more comebacks than Frank Sinatra).

On my return home it gave me time to reflect on what a lovely peaceful and pleasant place the Sycamores is.  I have lived here for twenty two years now and have seen many committee members come and go, however in the past I don't recall committee members lording it over the residents with regard to all the silly stupid rules and regulations which this current committee have introduced. I wonder if the committee know what their duties entail.

Owing to the fantastic website, we now have freedom of speech everything is quiet and peaceful now - Let us keep it that way.


Regarding the Latest Comments Item

I have read with interest the latest update to the comments page and was chuffed to little green mint balls to know that an outsider has witnessed what we the residents have to contend with.  Can I also say the committee member mentioned wouldn't be able to respond to any greeting without full permission of the Director Tee Tee.


Response to the Incident Article

I have been following and reading with interest the washing line saga and have come to the conclusion that this has got to be a vendetta against one of our residents.  The problems this resident has had to deal with has been so childish - in fact they wouldn't happen in a school yard.

On completing my reading I also wonder, did any of the committee know the resident in question before she moved onto the Sycamores?  But more to the point - DID THE RESIDENT in question know any of the committee members before she moved in here !!! ???


Confusion in the shed.

Invoice for the maintenance charge.

Regarding the above, I received a letter on Sunday evening, the letter was addressed to me however it was written to my neighbour, that got me confused to say the least.  Also they want to know how I am going to pay the Sycamores fee that I am already paying and have already paid for April this year.  Are we paying double now yearly - also is this a lack of communication or some sort of stupid game to confuse old sick residents? 

I am highly suspicious about the motivation behind the managing agent delivering the invoice in the format it came in as it gives the impress that they are looking for the full amount of the invoice when - in the past - we paid monthly, and wonder if this had been run past the committee who may have authorised it before it was sent out!  I feel for the less able residents on the estate as they won't know whether they are coming or going and am sure they will be getting their families involved.

How are the committee paying their money and to WHO???


Regarding the stupid childish rules & regulations of the committee.

I have decided owing to silly rules etc to just leave the front part of my bungalow to 'Mother Nature', this will save a lot of comments from the said committee i.e. 'don't plant here' etc., also will save me a lot of money.  I have a nice Patio area out the back of my building away from prying nosey eyes, so I'm afraid its a case of 'I'm alright Jack' like a lot of others here on the estate.  I find the latter so sad, when years ago The Sycamores was part of Britain in Bloom.  If you can't beat them join them!!!

And regarding keeping the front block paving clean etc (forget it), this gives old ex-committee members a chance to jump on the band waggon and harass you with regard to excess water etc., before the job is complete.

Suggestion to the Company you have employed:- Walk off the Job!!!


From Personal Experience

A note for all residents - if you ever have any major outside building problems like drains etc., don't be under any illusion that your will get much help from the committee who from past personal experience they showed that they really don't care and this kind of problem is just an inconvenience to them, they make a lot of noise but pass the buck and you are on your own to sort out the problem.



I have just been reading that there has been over 20,000 hits on our Website, that must be a record considering it is still in it's infancy.  Well done and keep up the good work!


The Wet Wipe Saga

Here we go again regarding wet wipes.  Can I inform all the residents that I had a severe drain problem in the past which involved having to get a specialist drain company with special camera equipment to investigate the drain and photograph the problem.  The outcome of their investigation was as follows:

The drains have not been built right to take the flow on the Sycamores estate, the FALL is too short to take the flow of excrement etc.

The committee were advised at the time to have this problem dealt with as soon as possible otherwise more problems could occur.

Owing to my property being away from where the committee member's properties are, I believe they decided to leave well along as nothing has been done about it and there continues to be drain problems on the estate.  I still have all the paperwork, photos, reports etc regarding my incident to prove the point and may at some point in the future decide to publish them on the website.

No wet wipes at No. 27 - just a load of excrement !!!


Childish and Rude

The committee member who returned the letter today was the same person who glared right into my lounge window as she was passing my home.  I find this person not only childish but very rude.


 Just wondering - as you do!

Well I am back in my shed and another problem has cropped up.   My grandaughter will be paying me a visit soon and I am concerned regarding permission,  I did hear that another resident got permission from the committee for a relative to stay however owing to this being the year of the woman  -  am I ok to go ahead without seeking the commitee's approval?


Confusion Reigns in the Shed

Good Morning all - I'm in my shed again however feel a little confused today (could be age I suppose) but I've forgotten whether it's no planting on a Sunday or no washing, Tee Hee!  It's an easy mistake to make because I never did know if I was punched bored or drilled - thank you folks.


A tribute to the Website

"From the Shed"

It's very pleasing to see The Sycamores spring to life again, the properties that have been standing empty are now occupied and we are now receiving new residents - may they all settle in well and be happy.

Since the website went live the owner has put up with being verbally abused, subjected to finger pointing and on occasion been ambushed and threatened with legal action to no avail, the website continues to thrive much to the distain of the director and committee.

Can I stress that the outcome has been very good!!!

The Sycamores is no longer run like an old peoples home with with committee members ready to use their power on supressed residents, great barriers have been removed now, the way has been paved for new residents to live in peace.

We all now know we are home owners and responsible for our own domains without being dictated to.

The following is dedicated to all our right minded Residents


If you think you’re beaten, you are.

If you think you dare not, you don’t.

If you’d like to win,

But you think you can’t,

It’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,

For out in the world you’ll find

Success begins with a fellow’s will,

It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you’re outclassed, you are.

You’ve got to think high to rise.

You’ve got to be sure of yourself before

You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But soon or late, the man who wins,

Is the one who thinks he can.

                       by Walter D. Wintle


Warmer Climes

Good afternoon folk, I was pottering in my shed earlier and my mind started wandering to warmer climes especially "South Africa" for instance.  I hope all who live there and visit enjoy the "benefits" they are awarded i.e. vitamin D etc etc. Well must get on to pottering some more so tara for now from the Potters Shed.


 Ponderings on 'Nasty' People:

I have heard on the grape-vine that the word 'nasty' is doing the rounds when referring to a certain number of people living on the estate.

Perhaps the person responsible for spreading this around might like to google the definition of 'nasty' and have a rethink, maybe they are getting mixed up with FAIR TO ALL?


If the 'nasty' people had a designated parking space, would they take up another space that should be available for other resident or visitors to the site?  I would dearly love a parking space outside my front door, however wouldn't that be 'nasty' and 'selfish' of me to do so when I own a garage and have my own space!!!

Also when work contracts are being doled out on the site, would 'nasties' rush in to aquire all the said work for members of their familys only?  That is called 'nepotism' (the unfair  use of power in order to get jobs or other benefits for your family or friends) and could be a conflict of interest under such circumstances if the 'nasties' were in any position of power!

'Nasties' would not sit out in the summer months in a state of undress knowing full well this is upsetting some of the residents, especially for the residents or their families trying to make a good impression when selling their properties.

I feel this is all a case of 'don't do as I do' rather 'do as I say' !!!

Lets make a New Years Resolution regarding allocating work to family members, instead do the job properly and obtain independent estimates from companies outside the estate.

Isabella Potter - Not Nasty!


12/12/17: The Sycamores Website

 As you know I am a strong supporter of the SRA Unofficial Website and find it invaluable as it keeps the residents informed of the transactions etc.

If people do not want a website I say don’t visit the site, however leave it for people who do!!!  For instance if I don’t want to visit Facebook orTwitter, I don’t go to their sites.

I still feel strongly that the website gives all the residents a voice and and a place to give their opinions, why should the SRA be a closed shop for a handful of committee members?  We as residents need to know what is going on and what our monthly service charge of approx £40 for each property is being spent on!!!

None of us are infalable so please think about the latter – a few brains can be useful at times.

I think that the owner of the website has come onto the Sycamores in good time to help us get a fairer deal, the committee just can’t see it, wake up!!!  To the residents and their families, let us all run the Sycamores as a business should be run and not as it is currently is!!!


21/11/17: Re: The Sycamores Website (Long may it prosper) !!!

I have been following the Sycamores Website since it first went live and am very impressed with all the contents especially the latest, regarding the committee wanting to close the website down.

Why should a committee be allowed to rule over private properties (for all they are leasehold), lauding it over the residents and in many cases bullying their way through?

This is the year 2017, people will not tolerate this behaviour.   Apart from the above, I would like to know what other role or purpose the committee has on this estate, as they have now decided they won't be taking reports from any residents who have problems.

Do we need a committee?   I know I don't!!!  In fact I will state it has been a pleasure to live here, knowing the current committee have all been put in their place!!!

The residents have a voice now and that is so important.


12/11/17:  May I make a suggestion regarding future items which are minuted after meetings.

The committee - please take note on 2 topics which appear regularly in the minutes: 

Wet Wipes  have  now run their course as I feel we all know the real cause of blockages which had been investigated some years ago and nothing was done about it.

Washing Lines/Clothes Posts:  This topic is very boring now after over a year,  it should now be put to bed.

I have a another item to comment on:

Old Men sitting out most of the summer in a state of undress, in fact half naked.  Some residents have passed various comments such as  “Not a pretty sight”;  “makes the place look untidy”.   A word of advice for when properties go up for sale – don’t try to sell during the summer months as anyone coming into the estate to view might be confronted with a sight for sore eyes which could be offensive to them. 

I can assure you that this topic will have been well discussed not only by some of the residents who are unfortunate enough to have to put up it, but has been discussed by some of the neighbours in Swalebrooke Avenue – word travels fast as we all know!

One last comment – the above matters are only fit for Room 101!


7/10/17:  Re: The Sycamores Website

In my opinion the website is the best thing to happen to the Sycamores Residents Association.  I am placing this e-mail in total support of the website and give my reasons as follows:

1)       It gives all the residents an equal voice if they choose to use it.

2)      Enlightens all residents and their families,and prospective residents exactly what the SRA entails.

3)      My main reason the website is beneficial is that it holds the director and committee members to account for their actions and how they treat the residents, they seem to forget that they are in their positions by the good grace of the residents themselves.

4)      The residents vote them in to be fair and hopefully to have enough people skills to look after the residents needs.

I do feel I now have a voice on the estate, I’m sure some may say that I have not attended meetings or gatherings in the past but you don’t have to walk in my shoes so please don’t criticize, however I have eyes and ears and have seen a great deal of how things have been dealt with over the past 20 years.

So come on all you residents – lets move with the times.  Lets live together in peace and harmony and lets have no more of ‘if your face fits’ etc. 

Above all – “LETS BE FAIR” with no more of “I’m all right Jack!”


Show consideration for your near neighbours.

As we live so close to each other, noise levels animating from our TV's, Radio's etc travels and can be a major disturbance to your near neighbours.  For instance should someone install a large tv on a wall which is adjacent to your neighbours bedroom, then it's pretty certain that not only you will be enjoying whatever your are watching, but you could be preventing them from sleeping, especially as a lot of people of our age actually retire early and need to be able to sleep without disturbance.  Investing in a pair of headphones would be a good idea!

The same applies to outside shutters, unless regularly maintained they become very noisy and again have an adverse affect on your neighbours' well being, so please show consideration at all times where noise levels are concerned.  

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