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17/8/2020 - Lockdown Side Effect Perhaps

You really couldn't make it up - things appear to be in a state of confusion as far as the directors and committee go - briefly:

On June 23, 2020 changes were announced of resignations from the committee - see here, now it seems that our Secretary Mrs. Joyce L.... has had a change of heart has been reinstated as a committee member.

So on the surface it would appear that the directors and committee who by their actions have shown that the opinions of the residents are totally irrelevant, they now create new committee members, reinstate ones who have resigned without going through the proper proceedures of having residents vote on who serves on the committee, they serve their own interests and not the residents!


Botched Attempt at Desception

email sent by a resident to the managing agent, director and committee on Monday April 8, 2019, with regard to them stealing her washing post - see here.

It's interesting to note that the following day Tuesday April 9 after they received the email, they sent a letter (see below) together with a cheque to the resident, the letter was then sent by FIRST CLASS POST to ensure fast delivery.

Important to note:

  • Their letter was dated:      March 19, 2019 - 3 WEEKS AGO.

  • Their cheque was dated:  March 19, 2019 - 3 WEEKS AGO.

  • Their letter was posted :   April 9, 2019 - sent via 1st class mail for fast dly (after receiving the email from the resident concerned)

Do the managing agent, director and committee honestly believe that people are as stupid as they are, and how obvious it is what they have done - you really couldn't make it up!   


You've got to laugh and shake your head!

A weird thing happened last Sunday evening 9/9/18 when the company secretary’s husband was spotted by a couple of residents taking photo’s of my vehicle for no apparent reason.  I’ve been pondering ever since as to why he would want to do this and have come up with the following possible suggestions which I have decided to share with the site visitors, it is a laughable situation but also quite a serious one too – should anyone have any further ideas please let me know:

1.   He  likes the colour of the vehicle and wanted to get a paint match - after all it is a pretty snazzy blue.

2.   Maybe he was thinking of obtaining a quote to have the existing damage repaired – now that would be a real kind gesture, even better if he was going to contribute to the cost of the repairs.

3.   He’s thinking of making a offer to buy it – sorry it’s not for sale – there again I could be persuaded if the price was right.

4.   Perhaps he had nothing better to do on a Sunday evening and decided to practice his photography skills – really he needs to get a life and grow up!


Update to

2/9/18: Once again our director and committee have shown what they are made of and how pathetic their actions are, these are the people who were elected to look after the interests and well being of the residents without showing favour or bias.   It would appear from their recent actions that they continue to be a little 'upset' to say the least with a small number of residents who obviously are proving to be a major thorn in their side (who knew), simply because they voice their opinions in public. The recent action referred to consists of the director and committee going out of their way again to shun and ostracize these residents by not including them in the notification of the proposed future lunch and trip activities.   It makes one wonder who is the driving force behind this infantile behaviour - I suspect it could possibly be the committee member who was mentioned in the comments page here.  It's also interesting to note that on the previous occasion when a similar situation arose, that the company secretary was also away on holiday, one conclusion could be that there is no one left on the committee who had a modicum of common sense, consequently the rest run amok without any guidance.

This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable because if they are not held to book over it, they will continue to attempt to bully and intimidate some residents when it suits them, and if they decide your face does not fit for any reason then YOU COULD BE NEXT for their brand of 'special treatment'.

Perhaps it's time for the residents to show their displeasure at their continued unacceptable conduct and possibly vote them out at the upcoming AGM!


"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain my self control and wisdom to know that if I act on it, there may be another solicitors letter on the way to me."


Update to 'Oh Dear' - we were in such a state of flux yesterday that the ability to count went out of the window, in fact only 3 of the committee were responsible, the 4th committee member and possibly the only one who has ever shown a modicum of intelligence, was off for an extended period taking the rays in warmer climes - which may explain the lack of good judgement and idiotic antics shown by the remaining 3.

I'm sure our visitors will be happy to know that the Backburners are slowly recovering from the slight shown to them yesterday, all functions are returning to normal nicely helped along the way by our liquid medication but please try to be quiet today as there is a possibility of hangovers. 

These committee members who have gotten kinda personal with us in this way must be addressed.  It has been decided that given their continued contribution and enjoyment they have provided to our visitors since the site's launch, together with their unrelenting and ongoing service to the community - especially with refusing permissions to some of the residents,  they really do deserve to be given the rare honour of their own personal piece of clipart, enjoy! 


You know those rare moments in life when something happens and it not only leaves you gobsmacked but not only that, you actually wonder how people could be so stupid and if they actually have a brain!

Well here goes folks – listen up, you may at some point be on the receiving end of something similar if you don’t  doff your cap, tug your forelock and generally cowtow to the director and her committee.

Today 2 committee members delivered a letter to the majority of the residents, however they did not deliver the said letter to members of the Backburners.  The letter was to inform the residents of a proposed bus trip with instructions to anyone who was interested in going how to put their names forward.  As the letter was intended for ‘all’ residents, it makes one wonder why they felt they had to leave out the Backburners, could it be an active snub, a way of showing disapproval, letting us know they didn’t want us there etc etc – the possibilities are endless.

The Backburners are currently feeling very unloved, unappreciated and totally shunned by the powers that be as you can well imagine, we are aghast to say the least and wonder what we could possibly have done to warrant such behaviour from them.  Now we do know that the website has been a bone of contention from day one and the director and committee are still feeling the fraustration and after affects of their failure to shut it down, not to mention the expense they went to, then there is the matter of the washing line, and of course a couple of us have been making our views known on the website – but come on, what they have done today is kinda personal.

Anyway we can feel a deep depression coming on which may call for medication of the liquid kind and if anyone would like to give us a big group hug you are more than welcome to join us, just bring your own bottle as we have limited supplies.  An emergency Backburners meeting may be necessary as feelings are currently running particularly high, blood pressures are rising to dangerous levels, and walking aids are being waved in the air, there is even talk of people moving into old peoples homes and putting properties up for sale at knock down prices!

On a more serious note, it has to be said that the school yard tactics is still alive and well and persued by the director and her committee.  The level and lack of intelligence and common sense shown by this latest incident is just beyond belief.  How could  3 adult old age pensioners who are supposed to be looking after the interests of the residents and be of sane mind, get their heads together and agree to such a childish gesture, it really shows them up for what they are, stupid, mean spirited and losing the plot altogether - maybe it's time for them to retire and bring in new blood.



Our new managing agent Hartlepool Property Management Ltd., will be taking over the running of the Sycamores according to the Director and Committee (stated on latest Minutes).

Lets hope and pray that the joke isn't on the residents of the estate who had not been consulted on their appointment.


Such Childish Behaviour

This just about sums up the mentality of one of our Committee Members who made the effort to return the letter which had been sent to all of the residents on 16/2/18.  It beggars belief that someone who holds the position of committee member, is unable to contain herself to the extent that she would stoop to show herself up in this manner, and this is one of the people who was actually present during the meeting mentioned in the open letter.   Get a grip woman and conduct yourself in a manner which befits a committee member!


An interesting development:

On the 20th Sept 2017, I was prevented by the Director of the SRA from putting up a notice on the Sycamores community room notice board announcing this website. This was something of a surprise, since I had previously contacted the committee and Managing Agent on12th September for permission which had been granted  on 17th September by the SRA committee via the Managing Agent, however, when I attempted to put up the notice the SRA Director stated  "we’ve changed our mind about giving permission".  I said that there had been no notification from the Managing Agent or committee about the withdrawal of permission, the Director's response was ‘I'm the Director and I make the decisions around here, not the Managing Agent’. 

I find it particularly interesting considering the Director’s response to the notice announcing the website, especially in relation to the Director’s response - written on an envelope (as shown below) to a resident who sent a message to the committee regarding Fire Safety,

Finally, I think it’s very appropriate to repeat part of the wonderful quote from the RAUK shown on the Sycamores Resident’s Association Page here:

“They certainly act democratically seeing themselves as serving their community not lauding it over residents…”


Response from the SRA's Director  to a resident who wrote to the committee regarding Fire Safety

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