2018 AGM Minutes

Numerous Items within the Minutes

26/11/18:  Due to the  number of incorrect, misreported and blatant lies which have been included in the 2018 AGM Minutes, it is highly questionable why the director and committee members felt it necessary to twist the facts to suit their agenda. I have split these into segments to make it easy to navigate. 

How this Minute document could be issued as a 'true record' (it is supposed to be as they provide legal and binding evidence should it ever be needed in any dispute), the current document is in fact mostly a fabrication of the events which occured during the AGM.  The director and committee should be ashamed of themselves, and if the managing agent went along with the production of it's content, then she too is culpable.  This Minute document will  be used as evidence in the event of any legal action.

It is also questionable why none of the items which were 'misreported' in the 2017 Minutes have still not been addressed, especially the more important ones which involve finances:

  • The missing £600 in the 2012 annual account

  • The Painting Contract when the accounted stated: “the managing agent again advised that the committee had instructed him not to comment”


January 8, 2021

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