2018 AGM  - Misreported Items


(These following items are Account related only items from the Minutes)

26/11/18:  Due to the  number of incorrect, misreported and blatant lies which have been included in the 2018 AGM Minutes, it is highly questionable why the director and committee members felt it necessary to twist the facts to suit their agenda.  It's also questionable why none of the items which were misreported in the 2017 Minutes have still not been addressed, especially the more important ones which involve finances:

  • The missing £600 in the 2012 annual account

  • The Painting Contract when the accounted stated: “the managing agent again advised that the committee had instructed him not to comment”

Minutes 2018 AGM - comments regarding Accounts.

Breakdown of the Repairs & Renewal Expanses - The statements by the director and accountant are incorrect - I was not referring to the annual account which is distributed to all residents annually, I was referring to the breakdown of the repairs and renewal expenses..

Acountant being intimidated:  A committee member stated during the meeting that the accountant had been 'intimidated' by me - SERIOUSLY? 

Regarding the meeting with the accountant:  referred to at the AGM, it is important to understand the background to that unsolicited meeting which Mrs. Brown and I were invited to, details can be viewed here

The secretary's comment:  that I had: 'taken lots of copies of invoices' is none other than a blatant lie - no invoice copies were ever either supplied or requested, all that was requested was a 'breakdown' of the repairs and renewal expenses.  I can only assume the director had received this information from one of the committee members who had been present at the meeting - if that is the case then that particular committee member lied to her because what the secretary claims just did not happen. 

Another blatant lie:  this time by the director who stated in the minutes that Mrs Brown and I had inspected the accounts and took away several documents.  We have never actually inspected any account or other documentation and the director really should have consulted with the accountant to ensure she was correct in what she has stated in the Minutes - as he would have confirmed that all I took away from the meeting was his computer version of a breakdown which was 1 sheet of paper.

Full details of all meetings held regarding the accounts for year  2016/17 can be viewed here.  A categorised version of the breakdown received from the accountant during the last meeting with him at his office on 15/2/2018 - click here to view, it was also sent to the director and committee in the hope of clarification, the email can be viewed here.  Everything to do with what was supplied by the director at the last meeting with the accountant had been documented at the time and available in the archive section of the website.

This event and others relating to meetings with the accountant were well documented at the time and have been available on the website beginning in September 2017, and once again these can be viewed here

It would appear that over time the director and committee's recollections have either become blurred, or they have set out to deliberately falsify the truth in that they appear to be making things up to fit their own agenda, there seems to be a pattern emerging with them as it happens on a regular basis. 

Regarding the matter of 'trust' which was raised during the meeting, the director and committee really should understand that trust has to be earned, in their case by them being open, honest and accountable in carrying out their duties, instead of expecting it to be given automatically. 

Sinking Fund - This matter was raised at the AGM 2018, the managing agent stated that the company was a Charitable Organisation - that we cannot gain interest on the sinking fund account due to the SRA being a non-profit organisation, she should check with Companies House.

For the past couple of years the Sinking Fund monies have been held in a trust account which did not pay any Interest, this was queried with Accountant last year, because in 2015, 2014 and probably earlier, the account was in fact paying interest unless there was a reason for changing where the Fund was held and the residents not informed of it.  It’s worth mentioning that the majority of Trust accounts DO in fact pay interest so why would the SRA’s be different!   


Breakdown of the Repairs and Renewals Expenses

AGM 2018:  An undertaking  that this would be provided with the presentation of the annual account 2017/18 was requested  in emails to the managing agent, director and committee on a number of occasions throughout the past year, these have been ignored by all.  Why is the director and committee unwilling to provide this information to the residents?

The question above was asked during the meeting and a response was received from the director:

"Because we don't have to"

This attitude is beyond belief considering the repairs and renewal expenses are paid for by the residents service charge, and which the director and committee should be required to disclose such information when requested - what gives her the right to refuse such a request and why is she so protective of the details of the breakdown - has our money been spent on something she needs to keep hidden???


March 1, 2020

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