11/3/2020 - Response received from the Managing Agent & Directors to queries.


Acknowledgement email to the above sent 11/3/2020

Dear Managing Agent and directors, 

Thank you for your response letter dated March 10, 2020, confirming the status of the Building Insurance and other Services provided with regard to my premises, and have noted that the window cleaning service which had been withdrawn in June 2019, now appears to have been reinstated as of February 26, 2020.


26/2/2020 - Follow up email to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and directors

Further to my email below, unfortunately you have not to responded to my queries which is a little concerning,  if I am not covered under the estate Buildings Insurance Policy, then I will have no alternative but to obtain cover through a private insurance company for my premises.  Should there be no clarification one way or another I will take it that my property is not covered by you anymore, but please realise that this action may affect the estate buildings insurance.


23/2/2020 - Query sent to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and Directors

With regard to the services provided under the Lease, can you clarify the following queries given I am witholding my Service Charge due to another matter.

1) Are my premises still covered under the estate Buildings Insurance should there be a problem with my roof? 

2) Will you continue to maintain the guttering?

3) Will you continue to provide maintence in the event of any external drain problem?

I would be grateful if you would respond asap so that I know where I stand.

Thank you in advance.


27/1/2020 - Enquiry Sent Via Email

Dear Mrs. M....... 

Can you tell me when The Sycamores Residents Assoc. Ltd acquired 'dormant' status and why?

Thank you in advance.

23/2/2020 - there has been no response to date.


24/10/19 - Update to Meeting Request

Due to the managing agent failing to respond to the email below which requested clarification, the proposed meeting did not take place, it indicates that there was nothing new up for discussion therefore the meeting would have been a pointless excercise.


22/10/19 - Response sent to Meeting request.

Dear Mrs. M......., 

Thank you for your letter inviting me to a further meeting on Thursday 24/10/19.   

Perhaps you would be kind enough to clarify the purpose of the proposed meeting with you, and what further 'issues' you wish to discuss as I have already made my position clear not only during our previous meeting, but during conversations with your new solicitor.  

If the situation has changed since the last meeting and the director and committee have reconsidered their decision and are now willing to allow the Inspection of the 2017/18 Account to go ahead without conditions attached, then I can see where a further meeting would be advantageous.  If this isn't the case, then I cannot see the point of a further meeting as it would be a waste of not only your time, but also mine. 

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Letter received requesting a Meeting.


3/10/19 Confirmation of undertaking by the managing agent

During the meeting with the managing agent on Thursday October 3, 2019, it was confirmed that there was a discrepancy of 680 in the Sinking Fund Contributions stated in the annual account, and that steps were being taken to recover this amount - no further explanation was given as to how this will be achieved as the sale of the property concerned is completed and it is highly unlikely that the original sellers will pay the difference in the Sinking Fund which is now 18 months after the event. 

Questions remain:

1) who made the error in the first place,

2) why was this not picked up prior to the annual Landlord's Statement of Account being compiled and published? 

The managing agent made a committment during the meeting of 3/10/19 that she would do everything she could to resolve any issue residents might have - this particular matter falls into that category and it is hoped that she will find answers to these questions and report back to the residents as soon as possible.


Correspondence sent to and received from the Managing Agent

To save repetition and duplication, below are links to relevant correspondence with the managing agent on varying subjects:

9/12/18 - Letter sent to the Managing Agent by the resident of No. 26 - This was the original notification of the intended reduction in Service Charge Payment regarding the solicitors letters.

13/2/19 -  Letter to the director, committee & managing agent 'Without Prejudice' Official request to Inspect the 2017/18 Accounts.

25/3/19 - Question sent to the managing agent, director and committee - regarding the anomaly of level of Service Charge levied on different types of estate property.

5/4/19 -  Letter sent to the director, committee & managing agent by the website owner - notification of a further reduction in the Service Charge Payment with regard to the earlier Solicitors Letters.

19/4/19 - Notification email sent to the director, committee & managing agent - regarding the total withdrawal of the Service Charge Payment due to their refusal to allow an Inspection of the 2017/18 Accounts.

23/7/19 -  Letter received from the managing agent - offer to allow the Inspection with unacceptable conditions attached.

29/7/19 -  Response to the letter dated 23/7/19 sent to the managing agent - response to the letter above.

7/8/19 - letter from the committee and managing - follow up letter.

9/8/19 - Response sent via email to the letter of 7/8/19 - confirmation to reimburse outstanding Service Charge.

14/8/19 - letter from the managing agent on behalf of the committee - notification of the committee's to take legal action to recover the Service Charge owed.

17/8/19 - response to the Managing Agent's letter of Aug 14, 2019

3/10/19 - Meeting with the Managing Agent - confirmation email sent as requested regarding the reimbursement of monies owed to the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd.

8/10/19 - The Accounts for 2018/19 / The Landlord's Statement - Queries on the account which had not been discussed during the AGM of 1/10/19.

21/10/19 - Letter requesting a further meeting.

22/10/19 - Response sent to Meeting request.


May 11, 2020

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