Communications during 2021


12/10/21 - Final response regarding the query on Block Paving

 In a letter dated Oct 8, 2021 from the Managing Agent on behalf of the Directors they state:

"A committee meeting has taken place yesterday and we discussed your request, however it was decided that the maintenance of the Block Paving is the Occupiers Responsibility.  This should have been stipulated on purchasing the property.

Note: for the record - this was not stipulated when the properties were purchased hence the reason for the request as outlined below - given that when the fronts were originally grassed it was the responsibility of the Estate and not the residents.


15/9/21 - Response received from the Managing Agent regarding the Block Paving.

"I will discuss this with The Committee and come back to you with their thoughts"


14/9/21 - Further email regarding the matter of the Block Paving

Attention of The Managing Agent and Directors.

On the 21/7/21 I sent an email regarding the Block Paving in front of the block of Bungalows where my property is located.  It is a little disappointing that no one has had the courtesy to acknowledge the email and the request therein, or inform me of any decision which may have been made by the Directors and committee.

In addition to the information supplied regarding the history of the block paving, and the fact that the properties have changed Owners a number of times, nowhere in the lease does it stipulate that the residents of this particular block of bungalows, should be responsible for upkeep of the paving.

I would be grateful if you would give due consideration to my original email and let me know what the committee decides.


23/8/21 - Parking on the estate

Email sent to the Managing Agent and Directors/Committee Members:

For the attention of the Managing Agent, Directors/Committee
Once again a resident/committee member (Mrs Lowes and her Husband) chooses to ignore the space reserved for emergency use such as Ambulances etc and habitually parks overnight with no thought for the possible consequences of their action.  These people have a perfectly good parking space available outside their own garage and yet refuse to use it, and have the cheek to place a note on their garage door to keep the space clear - WHY???
It is past time that these offenders gave a thought as to how their behaviour could have serious consequences in the event of another resident requiring emergency care and the attending services being unable to have access to their property.
I hope as Managing Agent of the estate that you will investigate this matter and have a quiet word with the people concerned and see if you can do something about the situation.


21/7/21 -  Block Paving

The following email has been sent to the Managing Agent for the attention of the Directors:

When the estate was first built in 1985, each bungalow had its own grassed garden area and borders in front of the properties which was maintained by the estate just like the large greens and flower beds, and was included as part of the Service Charge.

Over 20 years ago a number of residents in properties 25, 26, 27 and 28 got together and received permission at the time to replace the grass and borders with block paving and those residents took on the responsibility to maintain it themselves, something they have done ever since.  

As the years have passed the paving has deteriorated and now is in dire need of major repair which it is hoped that the estate will once again resume responsibility, after all for the past 20 odd years the estate has benefited financially as the services of the gardner has not been required. 

I attach some photos for your perusal and look forward to your response.


12/7/21 - Outstanding Issues

The Makeover of the Community Centre.  This was carried out without any consultation with the residents – such major expenditure (amount unknown) is paid for by the resident's Service Charge/Sinking Fund, however it would appear that the Directors and Managing Agent went ahead and contracted the work involved bypassing the residents in the process.  Why wasn't this major refurbishment put before the residents at the 2019 AGM?

The Government Leasehold Advisory Service state: 

“ the procedures for landlords, resident management companies and their managing agents in the private sector in England and Wales is to consult their lessees and tenants before entering into certain kinds of expenditure paid for from service charges”

Ombudsman Compensation.  In the Minutes of committee meeting August 4, 2020 - it was reported that an award of £1575 had been made to The Sycamores Residents Association relating to a claim regarding misconduct by the previous Solicitor.  A request was sent to the Managing Agent on August 17, 2020 to either view or obtain a copy of the Ombudsman's Ruling however to date the Managing Agent has chosen to ignore the request - the question is WHY?


2/3/2021 - Response from the Managing Agent regarding the Annual Service Charge:

After speaking with The Directors and Committee it has been agreed that due to the current circumstances and us being unable to have an AGM at present there will be no increase for the Service Charge for 2021-2022


1/3/2021 - Question sent to the Managing Agent regarding the Annual; Service Charge.

May I draw your attention to the following item in the Lease:

  • 3.4  The Leasor shall notify to the Lessee on or about the first day of February in every year following upon the date hereof the proposed Service Charge in respect of the year commencing on the first day of April next following the date of service of the notice or if the notice is not served until after the first day of April in any year then during the year current at the date of service

Is  there going to be any change to the existing Service Charge paid by residents and if so, when can notice of such changes (if any) be expected to be issued?


3/2/2021 -  Response from the Agent Re: the Annual Account for Year 2019/20 

After having checked Companies House myself, I have noticed that the Accounts which you are referring to are in fact the Dormant Company Accounts and not the Service Charge Accounts are yet to be submitted.

3/2/2021 - Re: the Annual Account for Year 2019/20

There appears to be misinformation regarding this account, as stated the information relating to the account is on Companies House, the information included in the response from the managing agent is a clear contridiction to that information and have asked them to clarifiy the following:

1) – if the accounts have already been lodged with Companies House on 15/12/2020 who in turn have published them!  Are you now saying that the information on Companies is WRONG?

2) - are you also saying that the Directors haven’t actually approved the account – this is in contradiction to the information on Companies House?

3/2/2021 - Response received Re: the Annual Account for Year 2019/20

I apologise for my delay  

After having speaking to the Accountant she has advised that she hopes to have the Accounts finalised for approval within the next week or so, once a copy of these Accounts have been emailed to me they will be duly distributed to All Residents as per previous years 

Sadly due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic there are delays everywhere, any Accounts which were due to be submitted to Companies House by 31.12.20 have now been given until 31.03.21 to be submitted, which is a 3 month extension 

I appreciate that All Residents will be waiting for copies of these Accounts and again you have my word that once I received these they will be HAND DELIVERED to ALL RESIDENTS  

Kindest Regards 

3/2/2021 - Re: the Annual Account for Year 2019/20 - The Sycamores Residents Assoc .Ltd

On January 25, 2021 I sent an email following up on your statement that as soon as the account had been made available you would proceed to issue this to the residents.   As pointed out at the time this has already been approved by the board of directors on Dec 12m 2020 and registered with Companies House on January 12, 2021.   

I appreciate you may be busy with your own rental company business, however as you are actually being paid a fee by the Sycamores Residents association Ltd., it’s safe to assume that you would at least acknowledge an email from a concerned resident and respond to the enquiry – which you had promised to do earlier.  So once again  can you confirm when the residents can expect to receive a copy of the Account as indicated in your response of 2/12/2020? 

Thank you in advance of your response.

25/1/2021 - Regarding the Annual Account for Year 2019/20

A followup email has been sent to the Managing Agent regarding the release of this account - the query was originally sent on 30/11/2020 and a response received on 2/12/2020.  The Account for 2019/20 was approved by the board of directors on 15/12/2020, received by Companies House on 29/12/2020 and published by them on 12/1/2021.  When can the residents now expect to receive a copy of the Account as indicated in the response of 2/12/2020?


Communications during 2020


15/12/2020 - Letter to the Residents from the Managing Agent on behalf of the Directors


2/12/20 - Response to enquiry dated 30/11/20:-

In response to your queries I can confirm as follows 

  • Unfortunately due to the new Lockdown Rules brought in by The Government we were unable to meet on the 17th November 2020 as planned – hence no minutes
  • 19/20 Accounts are still with the Accountant and are yet to be released to us, once we receive a copy this will be sent to all Residents.

30/11/2020 - Further queries for the Managing Agent.

The following email has been sent with a couple of queries and hope that perhaps the Managing Agent could find time to respond as a number of residents are asking the same questioms:

A couple of queries: 

      It was noted in the Minutes of the committee meeting held on 15/9/2020 that the next meeting would be held on 17/11/2020 – can you clarify if the meeting took place and if so why have no minutes been issued? 

      Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the 2020 AGM was cancelled which is understandable, however due to the uncertainty of when it is likely to be held, why has the Accounts for year 2019/2020 not been released to the residents, can you explain?   

Thank you in advance.


11/3/2020 - Response received from the Managing Agent & Directors to queries.



Acknowledgement email to the above sent 11/3/2020

Dear Managing Agent and directors, 

Thank you for your response letter dated March 10, 2020, confirming the status of the Building Insurance and other Services provided with regard to my premises, and have noted that the window cleaning service which had been withdrawn in June 2019, now appears to have been reinstated as of February 26, 2020.


26/2/2020 - Follow up email to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and directors

Further to my email below, unfortunately you have not to responded to my queries which is a little concerning,  if I am not covered under the estate Buildings Insurance Policy, then I will have no alternative but to obtain cover through a private insurance company for my premises.  Should there be no clarification one way or another I will take it that my property is not covered by you anymore, but please realise that this action may affect the estate buildings insurance.

23/2/2020 - Query sent to the Managing Agent and Directors

Dear Managing Agent and Directors

With regard to the services provided under the Lease, can you clarify the following queries given I am witholding my Service Charge due to another matter.

1) Are my premises still covered under the estate Buildings Insurance should there be a problem with my roof? 

2) Will you continue to maintain the guttering?

3) Will you continue to provide maintence in the event of any external drain problem?

I would be grateful if you would respond asap so that I know where I stand.

Thank you in advance.


27/1/2020 - Enquiry Sent Via Email

Dear Mrs. M....... 

Can you tell me when The Sycamores Residents Assoc. Ltd acquired 'dormant' status and why?

Thank you in advance.

28/1/2021 - there has been no response to date.


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December 31, 2021

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