July 2019

The sign above has been attached to the garage door of No. 17 by the owners who are the company secretary and her husband, see full details here, at a later date after this had been mentioned on the website, the director and committee decided to spend residents money on similar signs for the other garages, to date the secretary is the only resident who has used the sign.


Another Breach of the Lease and money wasted

Erection of a fence on COMMON LAND to hide the Spinney - the director and committee think the Lease does not apply to them - they need to revisit that thought because the residents may decide it dosn't apply to them either!



The Washing Post

This was removed by the director and committee on 4/3/19 because they said it was in breach of the lease and not allowed to be installed on 'common land'

In the same week as the Washing Post was removed, the director and committee decided that it was ok for them to break the lease and  spinney on 'common land'


The director and committee have been guilty of breaching the Lease for years as depicted by the following photos of items attached already attached to the walls and roofs of properties on the estate and they have condoned all of them. 



January 8, 2021

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