20/9/2020 - The Continuing Conflict of Interest

Once again we have a conflict of interest:

  • Directors of the company are appointed by the Committee.

  • The Directors are also automatically Committee Members - Unelected.

  • Other Committee members are voted on by the Residents - Elected

However -    

  • Since January 2020 there has been NO committee members elected by the Residents since the last AGM in 2019.

  • The current Directors/Unelected Committee actually elect themselves

This is a repeat of what happened earlier in the year – click here to view, the question is how can this kind of conflict of interest be allowed to continue?  Surely any right minded person looking at the situation would be dismayed by the fact that Directors automatically become committee members and make major decisions without referring back to the Residents for their approval or otherwise.  It would appear from how the situation has developed that the Residents Vote at the AGM as to who is additionally elected to serve on the committee becomes completely irrelevant under the present circumstances!


4/8/2020 - Election of a new Director to the Board of Directors

Mr. Stephen D. Darkin (formerly elected as a committee member by the Directors and not the residents), was appointed as a Director of the Board on August 4, 2020.

The updated lineup of Directors and Committee Members is as follows:

  • Mrs Doris Clark - appointed as Director on February 14, 2013

  • Mr David Malone - appointed as Director on January 21, 2020

  • Mr. Stephen Darkin - appointed as Director on August 4, 2020

  • Mrs. Joyce Lowes - re-appointed as Secretary on August 4, 2020

All of the above automatically become non-elected committee members, currently there are no resident elected committee members.


23/6/20 - Resignations of committee members


25/3/2020 - New Lineup of the Sycamores Directors 

Doris Clark, Sylvia Tiplady, Dave Malone, & secretary Joyce Lowes

Since January 27, 2020 when 2 of the then elected committee (Sylvia Tiplady and Dave Malone), were appointed as additional directors, this leaves the committee itself consisting of only directors and without any members elected by the residents. As directors can only be appointed by the committee and not the residents, the then elected 'committee' (above) were for all practical purposes appointed by themselves as directors. 

Perhaps these new appointments are a forerunner to Doris Clark resigning her directorship, a position she has held for the past 7 years, especially after the disastrous decision made by her and the then committee by attempting to obtain a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement over an Account Inspection.  Realisation may have set in including the ramifications of this extraordinary decision, that it was practically an admission that financial wrongdoing had been going on while she was the sole director responsible for handling the finances, and may have been fully aware of it. 

This is speculation of course and there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there is suddenly a need for 2 additional directors to be appointed mid year although nothing comes to mind.


29/1/20 - No Elected Committee Members

An interesting situation has developed and the managing agent directors (old and newly appointed) need to give an explanation to the residents as to why they were not informed of this major change. 

  • The 2 new appointments to directorship of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd., went through on Jan 27, 2020 and registered with Companies House. 

  • This means that the 'committee' consists of just the official officers of the company and does not have any elected members on it, nor will it until the next AGM which will be held towards the end of this year.

It is rather odd that directors should be appointment at this particular time, after all it's only 3 months since the last AGM, so one can only speculate that some circumstance has arisen which prompted this action.  Obviously the residents do not have a say as to who becomes a director therefore not involved in the decision, however given that these appointments have already been made, it would have been good practice to inform the residents and itt would only have taken a sentence entered in the Minutes of the quarterly meeting of January 21, and the announcement would have been made and residents informed.  

The way this has been carried out smacks of something underhand, none of the residents would have known about the new appointments because it had not been announced, it only came to light during some research being carried out by the website owner on the dormant status of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd.

Perhaps the directors (old and new) and the managing agent feel the residents are so unimportant in the scheme of things that they don't need to inform them of any changes, alternatively perhaps they didn't want them to know for some unknown reason until the next AGM.



New Directors Appointed to the Sycamores Board


An Admission that there is Something to Hide

An invitation was sent to the resident of No. 26 to attend the managing agent's office on 27/11/19 to Inspect the 2017/18 Account, on arrival a Non-Disclosure letter of Agreement was presented to be signed prior to the Inspection taking place, this was declined consequently the director and committee would not allow the Inspection to proceed.

Did the director and committee not realise that by attempting to gain a signed non-disclosure they raised a red flag which indicated that they knew there was the possibility of something incriminating turning up during an Inspection of the account which they want to keep hidden from the residents at all costs. See here for full details.


A trip down memory Lane

Kicking off 2019 with a visit down memory lane and a reminder of some of the events which has happened over the past couple of years and which have had far reaching consequences.  The majority of these transgressions are attributable directly to the  director and individual committee members or in one case a family member. 

The current director and committee have demonstrated by their own actions how unsuitable they are to hold the positions they do, their record to date speaks for itself -  Read more here


AGM 2018

During the AGM 2018,  the managing agent announced that due to Harrassment and Distress caused to the director and committee, they would now proceed to take legal.  I refer them to the open letter which was placed on the website in response to one of the solicitors letter some time ago - please follow this link to read.


The Strangeness continues!

I happened to be watering my hanging baskets when the SRA secretary passed my house heading in the direction of her home.  I greeted her with a pleasant  ‘Good afternoon J…..’, she didn’t respond instead hung her head and continued on her way, it crossed my mind that perhaps I had offended her in some way which I wasn’t aware of.  Anyway about 10 seconds later I heard her shout  “Good afternoon D….” – this she repeated a second time and when I looked in the direction she appeared to be shouting, there was our director who responded to her shout - unfortunately I was unable to hear the response.

Now bearing in mind there was a committee meeting this morning which must have finished shortly prior to my seeing the secretary pass, perhaps it was a taxing one and she had other things on her mind.  Another possible explanation for this strange behaviour given she had spent the previous 2 hours in the company of the director, maybe there is a bug going around which is affecting committee members as their ability to be civil and polite seems to be sadly impaired - remember the strange encounter with another committee member a little while ago!


Get in Touch - it's good to talk!

It’s always more productive to make contact with a person or people about something they are doing which you aren’t happy about, or challenge them when you either hold an opinion or refute what is being published on the website.

Not once during the 9 months since the launch of the website (with the exception of official solicitors letters of course), have any of you had the good sense or more to the point, the courage to make your opinion known publically, instead you prefer to sneak around, spreading unsubstantiated gossip and derogatory rumours, and use the coffee morning as your own personal soap box to anyone there who will listen.

The website will publish any and all comments you or any resident wish to make – good, bad or indifferent, there is and has been an open invitation to all of you to have your say and let everyone know how you feel on any topic.  That would be a much better option to the way you are handling your disapproval of the website or it's content, so do get in touch.


I made a promise to someone not to mention a certain event which took place and I will honour that promise, and it brings to mind a saying which I've never really understood until today - namely:


(used to express the idea that beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility").

Well done to the person believed to be one of the committee members who today rejected a gift of a cake and wine which was presented by the Backburners to residents of the Sycamores: you really have shown yourself up to be what you are - a spiteful playground bully who really doesn't deserve to be in any kind of position of responsibility in our community. .


Update to original article.

It has come to light that the director and committee have knowingly misled the residents into believing that they were the organisers of the party due to be held on May 19.  I  was not aware of these circumstances when I published the original article and have apologised to the resident who has actually organised the event.

In the first instance they made phone calls to most of the residents inviting them, this would give the impression that the committee were involved.

Hand written note delivered to most of the residents.

Then the day after they produced this hand written note confirming the invitation, giving further details, and signed by the director and committee.  (A couple of committee members names have been removed for data protection purposes.)

This can only be interpretated as a blatent attempt to mislead the residents into thinking it has been officially organised, when in fact they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

It should be noted that when these events have been organised in the past by this particular resident, she has never written a note or telephoned the residents to inform them, she always prefers to visit them personally to tell them about any upcoming event she is responsible for.

This may seem trivial in the scheme of things but is just one more example of our director and committee's bad judgement, lack of forethought, and people skills!. 


The  director and committee have organised a party to commemorate the royal wedding on May 19, however they have shown not only their stupidity but a distinct lack of judgement on a number of fronts. 

  • They informed the majority of the residents with a phone call as they obviously were unable to produce a letter.

  • The day after the phone call was made an afterthought must have crossed their minds (Oops!)– who was going to fund it?  So a handwritten scrap of paper was hurridly shoved through most of the residents doors (but not the 3 who had already been sent to coventry), informing them that it would cost £2 a head if they wished to attend.

  • The director and committee once again decided not to include the 3 residents they had previously shunned regarding a proposed trip in June.

An important observation comes to mind regarding phone calls, but a little background to put things in perspective is always useful.   

  • The residents were informed at the 2016 AGM that the director does not personally pay for her telephone calls, instead the SRA pays for all of her calls and who knows – possibly her telephone line as well as this was not made clear at the time.

  • This arrangement was made because when she was handling reports of repairs, queries, sourcing materials etc, therefore it was part and parcel of the SRA expenses. 

As the director no longer handles any of the above surely it follows that she should start paying for her own telephone calls, especially as this was not and could not be seen as a SRA legitimate expense – rather a personal choice by the director and committee.  Hartlepool Property Management Ltd is now responsible for all of that so therefore the director's previous duties are now defunct.The managing agent’s office could have been asked to produce the necessary letter as this would be the normal procedure. 

So the question is – Why is the SRA still paying for the director's phone calls now that we have a new Managing Agent to make all arrangements required for the site????



December 31, 2021

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