14/12/19 - Peace & Goodwill to all on the Sycamores.

It's great to know that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well on the estate:

My neighbour Isabella P..... was in the process of giving a xmas card to another neighbour as she was walking to the community centre accompnied by Joyce N..., when she was asked to john them as everyone was welcome.   Joyce N... strenuously told Isabella P.....that she wasn't invited, and that 'the 3 of you' had 'ruined' everyone's Christmas.  Joyce N... did not elaborate on who exactly the '3' were - it could have been a number of Santa's reindeers or even the Musketeers, however Isabella P..... had no idea what Joyce N...meant by it.

So whoever the '3' are, I together with Isabella P..... and the anonymous 3, would like to wish Joyce N... a very happy Xmas and suggest that she continues to take her medication.


The recent burglary on the estate.

During the AGM held on Oct 1, 2019, the company secretary referred to her recent burglary stating she was holding the owner of the website responsible for it.  She alleged that on the Potter's Shed page, it had been mentioned by the contributor that she was on holiday and claiming benefit,  and consequently as the website had published the comments, she was holding the website owner responsible for her burglary.

This is the most ridiculous and illogical statement and cannot go unchallenged.  Had she actually checked the contents of the Potter's Shed page, she would have found absolutely no reference whatsoever of her being on holiday or of her being on benefits. 

Out of all the items posted on Potters Shed, below are the occasions when 'benefits' had been mentioned, and never was 'holiday' mentioned:

1) Under the item 'Warmer Climes' published 2018 - "I hope all who live there and visit enjoy the "benefits" they are awarded i.e. vitamin D etc etc."

2) Under the item 'Ponderings on 'Nasty' People' published 2018: "the unfair  use of power in order to get jobs or other benefits for your family or friends"

You have to wonder how the above could possibly be interpretated as referring to her either being on holiday or collecting benefits from the government for that matter.  Maybe she has become confused and seen what she wanted to, or more likely she was simply attention seeking and possibly hoped to get a rise from the website owner during the AGM thus causing a scene.


An Update to the Knicker Thief item 3.55pm 4/4/19

Mystery Solved - just had a visit from a neighbour who told me it was that in fact she had removed the underware from the Spinney yesterday because it was raining.  She believed she was doing the owner of the items a favour by taking them in, she certainly did not want to cause any upset.

So to  the owner of the items in question:  

please contact me asap as there is no contact information for you on your note, I can tell you where your garments are currently as this very helpful neighbour has agreed to hang onto them until such times as they are collected by you.

And a big thank you to the resident for her kindness which I am sure will eventually be appreciated.

Update Monday 8/4/19:  It had been hoped that the owner of the garments in question would get in touch to retreive her property, unfortunately no contact has been received.


Knicker Thief

An appeal from a resident to have her smalls returned.

The following note was posted through my letterbox this morning and I am publishing it due to the request contained in the note. 

Unfortunately the author of the note did not give her name or any instructions as to where the stolen items should be returned to, so I suggest that the thief do the right thing and return them to one of the committee who can hold them in safe keeping until the person who wrote the note contacts them, I imagine this will be sooner rather than later as she appears keen to have her items returned to her.

To the person who wrote the note - please get in touch with the committee in the hope that your knickers has been found and can be returned to you.


Rude Gesture by a Committee Member

What would you say about one of our committee members giving the finger to a resident for no apparent reason and is it acceptable behaviour by any stretch of imagination? 

Surely when people put up for a committee one of their responsibilities would normally be to act in a proper and courteous manner towards the people they represent, this particular committee member dosn't appear to know the meaning of it, or more likely chooses to ignore it because it makes her feel good.  This is a good time to reinstate this person's clipart in the hope that it might dissuade her from future demonstrations of a similar nature.

Is this the kind of person we want making decisions on the residents behalf - I really don't believe so - Shame on you Mrs. T......!


Deplorable Action


A memorable day in that this is the day that the director and committee have shown just how low they have sunk by removing a resident's washing post.   The have shown no compassion or understanding whatsoever regarding her circumstances, in fact they made no attempt to look into her physical abilities as to why she needed a washing line near her home in the first place. By their action they have also breached the Disability Act 2000.  When she phoned the managing agents office this morning, she was told that it was legal for them to do so and that they had taken legal advice on the matter.  It can only be hoped that they did not go to the company solicitor for this advice because he has been shown to lie when it suits him because he is in the employ of the director and committee and any advice he might give could not be trusted and would be highly suspect.

Referring to the 'Statement of Intent' posted here, this is now in progress, it is not only a human interest story, but by the time the media investigate it could possibly lead to an even bigger item in the future.


Beware of 'Guvvyy Jobs'

Four years ago one of our residents needed to have a small boiler installed in her kitchen, it had been recommended  that she contact the secretary’s son-in-law who at the time carried out a high proportion of the official electrical and plumbing jobs on the estate.  At the time he told the resident that he would prefer the payment by cash, this she agreed to.   He duly fitted the boiler and everything worked fine however when asked for the paperwork and guarantee for the boiler itself including a receipt for the job, this was not forthcoming and as the boiler was already fitted and cash had exchanged hands, there was little she could do about it. 

Recently the boiler developed a leak and the resident phoned the secretary’s son-in-law and told him about the problem, during the conversation he told her as it had been fitted a long time ago he wasn't sure if it was repairable but he would call out and take a look.  A couple of days later he called to inspect the leak and said it required a rubber seal and he would try to obtain a replacement. Two weeks went by without hearing a word from him, so on 30th January she phoned him to find out what was happening and was told that he was unable to obtain a replacement rubber seal.  She asked about the guarantee on the boiler itself – he stated that he didn’t give guarantees as it was ‘a guvvy job (his terminology)’ – in other words it was a cash in hand job which didn’t get put through his accounts or tax return to HMRC.  He showed little interest in solving the problem or even to suggest what her best course of action would be to get the leak fixed.  Looking back she realises that she should have been more aware, however she put her trust in the secretary's son-in-law simply because he was known on the estate and already carried out official work for the director and committee.

It should be pointed out that this particular resident never goes for 'guvvy jobs' for major jobs simply because as her background was in insurance she knew the problems which could arise if something goes wrong with either any work done or an appliance, therefore always gets proper receipts and guarantee’s for the item itself and work concerned.  Had the secretary’s son-in-law pointed out that this was in fact a 'guvvy job' prior to fitting the boiler he would not have been given the job.  The resident concerned hopes this will serve as a warning to others when getting private work done and to be wary of people who offer to do the job on a  'guvvy' basis.


Parking Incident on the estate - The AGM 14/1/18

The secretary's husband  brought up this subject and am sure residents at the meeting were not aware of the occasion he spoke of, so just to clarify here are the details, but before that there is a little history which needs to be aired so that everyone is fully informed.

When I first moved onto the estate in 2016 this particular resident informed me that if at any time there was no space available near my property, that I was more than welcome to use his in front of his garage.  I thought that was very considerate of him and thanked him, and only availed myself of his offer when there was no other option available.  Everything was fine until an incident involving my neighbour who had been bullied by him and which I had reported it to the director and committee.    Some time after this incident I received an email from the secretary's husband, who informed me that he and his wife have withdrawn their permission for me to park in front of their garage and to never park there again. 

So that's the background - now onto the most recent incident which the sectary's husband brought up at the AGM, this incident in itself was so unimportant in the scheme of things it didn't warrant being mentioned on the website - that is until now. 

Some time ago I returned home to find that there were no unallocated spaces available across from where I live, one of them had as usual been occupied by the secretary's husband which is something he does 99% of the time for all he has a garage and a space of his own in front of it, the only time he makes use of his space is when he is on holiday.  So because there had been no spaces available to me, I parked my car in front of his garage as it was available.

Later that evening the secretary's son in law knocked on my door and asked me to move my car as he wanted to access his father-in-law's garage.   I refused and stated that as soon as his father-in-law moved his car and left an unallocated space free, then I would move my vehicle, he then stated in that case should my car get damaged it would be my own fault. 

The secretary's husband has been at pains to point out whenever this parking issue is mentioned, is  that his wife is disabled and wants to be able to park as near to his home as possible. Where does he get off coverting 2 parking spaces, especially when one reason he wants to keep his space in front of his garage free, is so his son in law can access the garage for whatever items he stores there.  For the record I am really not bothered where I have to park as long as there is a spot available, that also includes a spot in front of a garage which is available especially when the owner chooses to take up an unallocated space other than use his own space.

Incident on the estate 5/9/18

The following email has been sent to the managing agent reporting an incident which occurred on the estate early this morning.

I've been asked to report an incident which took place early this morning as I know you would wish to be informed so that you can take any steps necessary.

Early this morning well before 7am, a resident was in her kitchen and saw a man on a bike ride over to the garages situated in the car park, he parked his bike and tried to open 2 garages which obviously were locked and as he turned round he saw that he was being watched, he blatently stood there unconcerned and eventually got back on his bike and rode off.   His description was thickset and about 25 years old.   There does not appear to be any point in contacting the police as I'm sure, given previous experience, they probably wouldn't even come out.

People here on the estate are sure to be disturbed about this incident especially so after a number of thefts which occurred around the same time last year.  There is another problem which needs to be mentioned - residents who have carers going into their properties are not always safety aware i.e. sometimes they leave the key-holder unlocked and external doors open while they are in the property and when they leave.   Is it possible for you to put together a notice to be delivered to all residents drawing their attention to not only the incident this morning, but give them advise on how to be more safety aware and to ensure that their carers are also aware?   

This incident will also be reported on the website, however as I'm sure you know not everyone has computer access hence the need to have them notified by letter asap.


A Personal Vendetta perhaps!

One of our Residents appears to have been singled out and targeted by a person or persons unknown, it is felt -  due to the nature of the incidents alone, that it could be someone on the estate who for some warped reason known only to themselves, is responsible.    

All of these incidents started since the washing line saga arose, unfortunately now it appears to have developed into an ongoing personal attack designed to cause maximum distress.

Below is a list of incidents - it is up to the reader to decide if this could be a personal vendetta, although why anyone would go to these lengths is beyond belief.

  • Confrontation in Swalebrook Avenue when the resident was walking along when the Director of the SRA stopped her car and started shouting at this resident like a fishwife, not only verbally abused her but threatened her with physical violence, this was not reported at the time as the SRA director was involved so there was no-one to report the incident to.
  • Garden ornament stolen.
  • Washing line vandalised and had to be replaced.
  • Clothes line prop stolen.

A comment from the resident to the person responsible:

“If you need it more than me then you are more than welcome, in future just don’t steal it – instead ask for it.”


Criminal Vandalism Perhaps?

A serious incident occurred early this afternoon (20/2/18) regarding a residents washing line.  This particular line is an retractable washing line houses in a grey plastic case, the case is fixed to the wall – see image below:

Relevant information to bear in mind regarding this wash line is – it holds up to 15 kg load in weight and the average wash load is 2+ kg, also please note that the wind speed between the hours of 9am and 3pm this afternoon was 18 mph.

A Lightweight throw/blanket was hung on the line.

When a neighbour noticed that the throw/blanket was laid on the ground, she returned it to the owner – it was dry, and had assumed that with it being a little windy it must have become detached from the line so she went to investigate and found that the washing line case was lying in the grass – broken.


            Wall Fitting which is misaligned.                                            Top of the Casing.

Given  the wind speed, and the wash load – ask yourselves the question – does this look like it was a force of nature  or physical vandalism?  From the evidence of the wall fitting it looks like someone has literally given it a whack with something heavy - possibly a hammer, which smashed the wall fitting and brought the whole thing down.   It is open to speculation to say the least and highly suspicious  given the objections against this particular resident’s washing line, however it is a whole other matter where criminal damage is concerned. The resident concerned feels strongly that this could be a continuation of the vendetta regards her washing line. 

If resident can shed any light on this incident, if you  heard or saw anything suspicious between the hours of 12 noon and 3pm today please get iin touch with either the Committee or the website.


Another serious theft on the estate

A further serious theft on the estate - this time a resident's car registration number plates were stolen - it is understood that the police had been notified at the time.

Notice delivered to the Residents 27/3/18


Electric Light not working.

One of the electric lights above an undercroft has still not be repaired properly, this issue had be reported to the committee by one resident who had been told that it had been fixed, it would appear it has not and is flickering on and off - this can be highly disturbing for the nearby residents and could cause sleep problems.

Update 28/3/18 - This issue has now been resolved.


Recent Theft of Lead Flashings

There has been a number of incidents on the estate involving the theft of lead flashings from some of the apartments, the latest happened overnight on 26/3/18.  

27/3/18 - A development on the above, a further theft occurred early this morning when the thief was disturbed by a resident.



May 11, 2020

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