Parking Related Matters on the Estate


23/8/21 - Resident Parking Hogs have been busy again - see details here


14/7/2021 – Parking

Our Company Secretary and her husband have now qualified for the title of ‘Resident Parking Hogs'.  They are both well aware that the area deemed the 'emergency parking zone' is there for a reason and should be kept clear, however they appear to believe by their persistent actions that this doesn’t apply to them.  Once again it has to be pointed out that they already have an legitimate parking space in front of their garage which they refuse to use, and in an attempt to keep that space clear they previously placed a sign on their garage door for others not to park there – see original item.

Some folks may think this is just nit-picking however given the shortage of available parking spaces perhaps the Company Secretary's colleagues on the committee could have a quiet word.


21/1/2021 - An Observation

Parking on the estate can be problematic at times and the practice of musical cars continues as the unallocated spaces get taken on a 'first come first served basis', however people who have garages are allocated a space in front of their garage.  It's a bit rich when the owners of garage No. 17 placed a notice on their garage, and then does not use their space, instead normally they occupy an unallocated space near their property which means other residents have take pot luck and are deprived of the facility.  The secretary and her husband have gone one step further - because there have been no spaces available recently, they now park partially on the road and pavement near their home, ignoring the fact that the road is supposed to be kept clear in case of emergency. 


Some people are selfish to the extreme!

The sign above has been attached to the garage door of No. 17 by the owners who are the company secretary and her husband.  

What gives them the right to make such a statement tthat there should be no parking & please leave clear in front of their garage - whether it's done politely or otherwise, especially given that at times there can be a distinct lack of available parking spaces.  Why do they want the space in front of their garage leaving clear when the only time they actually use it is when they park their car up when they go on holiday, the rest of the time they choose to park in an unallocated space near their home.  Could it be because their son-in-law stores some of his equipment in their garage and wants him to be able to have access available at all times - if thats the case then this in itself is questionable given that the garages are for residents use only.  The subject of parking has been an ongoing one and which this particular couple have been involved - take for instance an incident which occurred in January 2018 - full details can be viewed here.

It might be an idea if they actually starting using their space in front of their own garage as it was intended to be used - as their personal parking space, instead of hogging an unallocated parking space.

And finally - the owners of No. 17 should take a look at the Lease where it clearly states:


Not to affix advertisements, nameplates or signs on any part or parts of the Scheme except a nameplate giving the name of the Lessee in the place or places provided by the Lessor.


AGM 2018 Minutes - Regarding the  Parking Incident

This parking incident was raised by the secretary's husband and which has already been documented, the fact that his wife is disabled is no excuse for attempting to claim 2 parking spaces.  There are others who are actually disabled too but because they are walking around without any visible signs of disability, people assume there is nothing wrong with them, they do not shout it from the rafters in order to justify their selfish actions.


Residents continue to experience parking related problems due to the number of spaces available for residents who own vehicles, the increasing number of health workers to the estate, and also by some members of the community who feel they have rights over other residents by choosing to park where they want to even when they have their own allocated spaces, as well as lack of action by the committee who are well aware of these long standing problems.


14/1/18 - Parking Incident on the estate - The AGM

The secretary's husband  brought up this subject and am sure residents at the meeting were not aware of the occasion he spoke of, so just to clarify here are the details, but before that there is a little history which needs to be aired so that everyone is fully informed.

When I first moved onto the estate in 2016 this particular resident informed me that if at any time there was no space available near my property, that I was more than welcome to use his in front of his garage.  I thought that was very considerate of him and thanked him, and only availed myself of his offer when there was no other option available.  Everything was fine until an incident involving my neighbour who had been bullied by him and which I had reported it to the director and committee.    Some time after this incident I received an email from the secretary's husband, who informed me that he and his wife have withdrawn their permission for me to park in front of their garage and to never park there again. 

So that's the background - now onto the most recent incident which the sectary's husband brought up at the AGM, this incident in itself was so unimportant in the scheme of things it didn't warrant being mentioned on the website - that is until now. 

Some time ago I returned home to find that there were no unallocated spaces available across from where I live, one of them had as usual been occupied by the secretary's husband which is something he does 99% of the time for all he has a garage and a space of his own in front of it, the only time he makes use of his space is when he is on holiday.  So because there had been no spaces available to me, I parked my car in front of his garage as it was available.

Later that evening the secretary's son in law knocked on my door and asked me to move my car as he wanted to access his father-in-law's garage.   I refused and stated that as soon as his father-in-law moved his car and left an unallocated space free, then I would move my vehicle, he then stated in that case should my car get damaged it would be my own fault. 

The secretary's husband has been at pains to point out whenever this parking issue is mentioned, is  that his wife is disabled and wants to be able to park as near to his home as possible. Where does he get off coverting 2 parking spaces, especially when one reason he wants to keep his space in front of his garage free, is so his son in law can access the garage for whatever items he stores there.  For the record I am really not bothered where I have to park as long as there is a spot available, that also includes a spot in front of a garage which is available especially when the owner chooses to take up an unallocated space other than use his own space.

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December 31, 2021

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