The Director & Committee 

List of Transgressions by the Directors and Committee

From 2016 to the present day: 

January 2020 - Appointment of 2 additional Directors, residents were not notified of this major change, it is appreciated that there is no legal requirement for the residents to be notified, however if nothing else it would have been a courtesy to at least mentioned this change mentioned in the January or March committee meeting minutes.

November 2019 - An invitation given for a resident to Inspect the 2017/18 Account on the allocated day 27/11/19 the diectors  - prior to the actual Inspected, attempted to extract a signed non-disclosure agreement - click here for details.

October 2019 - At the AGM the company secretary Mrs. J Lowes made unfounded and untrue allegations against a resident who had contributed many items to the website, full details of her outburst can be found here.  This is not the kind of behaviour anyone would expect from a serving member of the company and committee member who is supposed to represent the residents, nor is it the first time she has lied at earlier AGM's - see the secretary's comment here!

August 2019 - The continuing misuse of residents funds by sending solicitors letters to the owner of the website in an attempt to intimidate and bully her into complying with their wishes.

July 2019 - The committee allowed the company secretary Mrs. J. Lowes to erect a sign on her garage, this is a breach of the lease due to it being a personal matter rather than estate related, and it clearly states this is not allowed as far as the lease is concerned.  Full details can be found here.

June 2019 - Window Cleaning Service was withdrawn from the owner of No. 26 due to the ongoing Issue concerning the director and committee not allowing an Inspection of the 2017/18 Account to take place.

4/3/19 - a spinney was erected by the director and committee on 'common ground' - they have breached the Lease by their action.

4/3/19 - Removed a residents washing post even though the resident concerned is protected under the Disability Act 2000.  The director and committee stated it breached the Lease as it was erected on common ground. Catch up on the Washing Line Saga by clicking here and here.

31/1/19 - Inspection of the Account for 2017/18 has been refused, no reason given, they are in breach of clause 3.6 of the Lease and committed an offence under the Landlord & Tenant's Act 1985 which they could be prosecuted for.

A resident received a threatening letter from the director and committee designed to intimidate and bully her into complying with their wishes over her washing post.

October 2018 - They have been complicit with the company solicitor (Mr. J....) in lying to a resident in relation to taking the owner of the website to court, he stated that a case was in progress at the AGM 2018 which, after checking with the Courts, it turned out to be a blatent lie.

October 2018 -The company director (Mrs. D. Clark) and committee (Mrs. J. Lowes, Mrs. S. T...... and Mr. D. M.....), deliberately lied on a number of topics during the 2018 AGM with regard to past events, in particular the meeting with the accountant which had been held in early 2018They also failed to check that the minutes of meeting itself were accurate before being issued, unfortunately it was stated that one particular resident had said something about another which was completely false, she felt so strongly about being falsely accused that she later contacted the committee about the matter.

The lack of courtesy shown by the director and committee to even acknowledge or respond to a resident’s emails relating to clarification of accounting issues, perhaps they feel 'they don't have to'. 

Refusal to issue a full analysis/breakdown of the Repairs & Renewal Expenses for year 2017/18 – when questioned at the last AGM in 2018, the director’s reasons for this was ‘because we don’t have to’, this statement does not inspire trust or confidence in her or the committee. 

One committee member (Mrs. S. T......) blatently lied at the 2018 AGM when she stated that the humourous videos which had been included in the website earlier in the year (and later taken down) included four letter words.  Since then the full transcript of the first of the video’s has been published on the website - read the transcript here.

Harassment, intimidation and threatening solicitors letters sent to a resident on the instructions of the director and committee in an attempt to harass and intimidate, this due to the website highlighting the lack of accountability and transparency especially with regard to expenditure of the residents service charge.  The correspondence from and to the solicitor can be viewed here.

A number of residents have been ostracized from all community activities by the director and committee because they are unhappy with the residents concerned who have dared to question their lack of accountability and suitability to hold the positions they do.

Nepotism shown to family members of the company secretary when work was being allocated to tradesmen. 

Another resident was verbally abused and bullied by the secretary’s husband in 2017 over what payment should be charged by his son-in-law for painting her small fencing at the front of her house.

November 2017 - Refusal of the director (Mrs. D. Clark) to be transparent and accountable with regard to the Painting Contract 2015/16 which appears to have been mishandled from start to finish.  When the managing agent at the time was questioned at the 2017 AGM he stated he had been instructed by the director not to discuss the matter – why?. 

November 2017 - Missing money in the 2012 Account – when this was brought to light at the 2017 AGM, the director failed to enquire or follow up with the accountant at the time (Mr. Edward E.........) regarding an amount of £600 which was unaccounted for – when questioned by a resident, the accountant stated it had been a ‘typo error’.  Why did Mrs. Clark in her capacity as company director, not investigate further and report back to the residents once she became aware of this?

A resident was harassed, verbally abused and threatened with physical violence in public by the director of the SRA in 2016 over the washing line issue.                                                                                                                                  


December 31, 2021

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