Backburners Official Minutes

Meeting Held Tuesday 21/11/17 at 2pm

at No. .....The Sycamores

Members Present:                

Mrs .......................... No. ... The Sycamores

Mrs ..........................  No. ... The Sycamores
Mrs ..........................  No. ... The Sycamores
Mrs ..........................  No. ... The Sycamores

(Names have been omitted to comply with Data Protection Policy - even the Backburners are not above the law)


This was the first official meeting of the Backburners and to be honest we didn't have a clue as to the proceedure so we've made it up as we went along and hope we have a quick learning curve.   There will become a regular feature and  published from time to time,  they will be duly announced on the website, it is hoped all our visitors find them informative, interesting and entertaining.

Minutes of the AGM 7/11/17

First up on our agenda was of course the long awaited minutes of the agm and what could possibly be the holdup on them being issued.  Discussing the meeting itself an observation was made by a backburner who thought perhaps the committee may be having a lie down after having to respond to some questions at the agm, they don’t normally have to and it may have come as a shock to their system. Another pointed out that the managing agent/accountant seemed somewhat confused at times during the agm meeting, especially when he was questioned about an item in the accounts. It was nice to see how the director immediately came to his rescue when he was thumbing through his papers, she is to be applauded for her efforts by pointing to the relevant item – perhaps he could be doing with a lie down as well.  Now one member  had a brilliant suggestion which the rest of the attendees hadn’t even thought of, she suggested that not issuing the minutes could be a totally new money saving exercise as printing off the minutes involved using paper and ink – and perhaps we should get a crowd fund going to support the expenses on the estate. 

One member raised a very important question at this point due to the fact that the minutes of the AGM haven't been issued yet and all residents were waiting for some items to be confirmed such as who is actually running the estate now given that the Managing Agent stated he was stepping down.

The Committee

The subject of the committee arose at this point with regard to their earlier notification that they wouldn't be taking any reports for repairs or queries as of 24/10/17.   A member  raised the question - why do we need them now, what is their function now ?  She then stated “I certainly don’t want them, lets take a vote on getting rid ot them” .  Well our hands shot up in the air without hesitation in agreement but at this point the meeting had to be halted to allow her to compose herself, the rest of the attendees thought this was food for thought and wondered if we hired a bus we could send them off on a long trip to Australia or somewhere for a time.

Another member  observed that committee they did seem to like having adhoc meetings as a number of them had been held since the agm meeting itself, she stated that they have been spotted heading to the community centre as if being drawn there like a magnet, some carrying sheets of paper and bags.   Speculation was rife as to what on earth they had to talk about given they don't communicate officially with the residents anymore.   One backburner member  suggested that perhaps they were swapping hints on how to prepare the perfect cucumber sandwich and should the bread have the crusts on or off - this is a serious problem if anyone was hoping to make an impression so it is understandable it would require lengthy discussion.  Unfortunately we will never know the answer to this question as these adhoc meetings arn't minuted and it was the general consensus that they were simply talking shops.

At this point a recess was called for, tea and coffee was offered and declined, however mint humbugs were accepted by a number of the members – this appeared to calm everyone down as they were unable to speak for a while due to the fact that their mouths were full and unable to say anything, eventually we were able to proceed with the meeting.

Any other Business

Slippersocks proved to be a popular topic as one of the members had recently purchased a pair and had brought them to the meeting so the other members could test out the quality - they were all highly impressed by them and may even order some for themselves, at our age we need to keep out feet warm and cosy.

Other topics were discussed but it is felt that due to confidentiality it would be inappropriate to list them here, however these did provide an opportunity to have our regular fix of laughter, and excercise due to the fact that the laughter had us all bent over in hysterics (at least the members who were supple enough to bend, and one almost slipped off the sofa which was quite worrying for the rest of the attendees).  Due to this incident it might be an idea to place large cushions on the floor just in case at the next meeting.

The meeting then unfortunately descended into what can only be called total chaos  as we completely lost the plot to carry on in a business-like fashion, it was at this point one member sensibly suggested that we have had enough of this meeting malarkey and could we get to the good stuff as she was so looking forward to a game of dominoes, again all hands went up in the air to vote in favour and the meeting came to a close.

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May 11, 2020

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