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The aim of this website is to provide a much needed resource for the whole community,  providing clear information and a reference point for everyone here, as well as for prospective residents who are interested in moving to the estate. 

The content and information within includes information extracted from the Lease Document, Minuted Meetings, research carried out to obtain relevant information and discussions with members of the Sycamores Residents Association Ltd committee over a period of time.  Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this information is correct,  should there be any errors or omissions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to make corrections.

In addition, this site is available to all Residents and their families to  post their issues and concerns, be a platform for free speech, to make positive suggestions for the benefit of the whole community, and finally to seek and  encourage the directors and committee of the SRA to be transparent and accountable with regard to running the estate and the handling of it's finances. 

Since the launch of the website in 2017 one major issue stands out from the rest and continues to date, the refusal of the committee to allow an Inspection of the Annual Accounts for 2017-18 by residents.  By their action they are guilty of not only breaching the Lease but committing an offence under the Landlord's and Tenant's Act 1985 which is a prosecutable offence.  Their latest position is to require a signed Non-disclosure Agreement before they will allow an Inspection of the 2017-18 account to take place.

Finally I'd like to emphasise that this is an Unofficial Website, independent of the official Sycamores Residents Association Ltd and available to anyone who wishes to contribute to it.

Submission of any additional information, comments or corrections of site content are encouraged and  welcome.  Please send them to the website by clicking here.

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