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The Sycamores Estate & The Sycamores Residents Assoc. (SRA)

About the Sycamores Estate
Account Related
           Annual Accounts  -  Correspondence and Info relating to the annual accounts
           2018 AGM Minutes - Accounts Related
           Confirmation Statement - Status of filing the Company Confirmation Statement
           Directors Report Year 2018-19 - Lodged with Companies House
           Discrepancies found in Annual Accounts
           Repairs & Maintenance Breakdown 2016/17
           Letter to the Residents 16/2/18
           Misuse of Residents Service Charge
           Solicitors Letter - re Service Charge witheld
           What are they Hiding?
General Information - rules & regulations for Residents
The Lease - basic information in laymans terms
          The Original Lease Document    
          Lease Q & A's
          Lease Clauses Misinterpretated by the Committee
Sycamores Residents Assoc.(SRA)
          Memorandum of Association of The Sycamores Residents Association Ltd
Responsibilities - responsibilities of the SRA ands Residents outlined in the Lease

Estate Matters

           Ideas & Suggestions for your amusement
           Backburners Minutes - Meeting held on 21/11/17
           Life's Rich Tapestry - Oddities happening on the estate.
           Snippets - Odds & ends
     Residents Contributions:
                Pat's Page - views, issues and comments from a resident.
                Potters Shed - thoughts & observations from a long term resident.
                Imagine - Article from a concerned Family Member of one of our residents
Social Activities

Other Information

Articles of Interest
           About Injunctions
           Avoiding Fraud
           Blocked Drains: The Health Risks
           Bullying and Ostracism
           Buying the Freehold of a Leasehold property on the estate.
           Gossip and Rumour
Contacts and Useful Numbers
Comments & Feedback - for anyone who would like to comment.
Links - links to some interesting and informative sites.
Site Contents/Map - this page
Website Related Items:
            Open Letter 21/12/17
            The Petition 2/9/17 Objective to bring down the website
            Statement from the Website Owner
            Solicitors Letters - from Andy Jones, MSP Ltd
                 Response to Solicitor's Letters re: Andy Jones, MSP Ltd 7/12/17 - 9/7/18
                 Regarding the Solicitors Statement at the 2018 AGM Solicitor's Statement AGM 14/11/18
            Transcript of Video 1 - 'Rant'
            Weekly Stats Report

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