ACCOUNTS RELATED 2017-18 Service Charge Statement Annual Account
  2018-19 Service Charge Statement Annual Account
  2019-20 Service Charge Statement Annual Account

2019 AGM Related

  Misuse of Residents Service Charge 
  Sinking Fund Related
ESTATE MATTERS The Director & Committee
            2016-2020 Record of the Directors & Committee's Transgressions
            All Change on The Sycamores Carousel - Again!
  The Managing Agent - Communications sent to and their responses.
  Meetings & Minutes - committee meetings and related minutes
  The Ombudsman
  Parking Issues
  Unresolved Estate Issues
             Painting Contract - Circumstances surrounding the 2015/16 contract.
COMMUNITY Life's Rich Tapestry - Oddities
  Residents Contributions
            Pat's Page - views, issues and comments from a resident.
            Potters Shed - thoughts & observations from a long term resident.
            Imagine - Article from a Residents Family Member
  Social Activities



Articles of Interest:

       Avoiding Fraud

     Blocked Drains: The Health Risks


     Bullying and Ostracism


     Buying the Freehold of a Leasehold property on the estate.


     Gossip and Rumour





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ARCHIVED ITEMS General Information
       Accounts related to 31/3/18
       Confirmation Statement Filing with Companies House
       Annual Accounts - Expenditure year 2017/18
       Annual Accounts - Correspondence and misc - year 2018/19
       Residents Ambushed at by committee members at Meeting
       Conspiracy Theory or Fact?

     Correspondence with the director,  committee & Accountant prior to 31/3/18

       Open Letter 27/1/18 - Accounts Related
       Re: MEETING WITH THE ACCOUNTANT 15/2/18 - letter sent to the residents
       Open letters - Account Related
       Discrepancy 2012 Account
       Confirmation Statement  - Late Filing with Companies House
       DIRECTORS REPORT & ACCOUNT - TAX YEAR 2018/19 - Companies House
       Letter to the Residents 16/2/18 - Letter sent after meeting with the accountant
       Discrepanies in the 2012 and 2017/18 Annual Accounts
       The Residents Pay Again
       What are the committee hiding? (2018-19)
  Comments & Feedback

2018 AGM Minutes

  Minutes 2018 AGM - comments regarding Accounts 2018 AGM  - Misreported Items
  The Offending Clipart
  Humour - Backburners,   Official Minutes,   Suggestions,   Snippets
  Incidents on the Estate
  Other Estate Matters & Misc Queries prior to 31/3/18
  The Washing Line Saga + Newspaper Article
  Repairs & Maintenance 2016/17 - Breakdown
  The Ongoing Drain Problems

Estate Repairs & Maintenance Issues


Enquiry into Buying the Freehold

  Renting Property on the Estate
  Withdrawal of the Service Charge

The Probability Meter - related to legal action regarding withdrawal of Service Charge

  Archer Law Solicitor - Letter  - Re Service Charge witheld by a resident
     A Poll regarding the future of the website - July 2021

   Open Letter 21/12/17

     The Petition 2/9/17 Objective to bring down the website
     Solicitors Letters from Andy Jones of MSP Ltd
     Response to Solicitors's Letters re: Andy Jones, MSP Ltd 7/12/17 - 9/7/18
     Ref the Solicitors Statement at the 2018 AGM Solicitor's Statement at the AGM 14/11/18
     Statement from the Website Owner
     Defamation of Character
     Transcript of Video 1 - 'Rant'


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