The Sycamore Estate was built in 1985 by Cecil M. Yuill on land originally known as The Swinbourne Farm.

As a relatively small residential development  which was built in 1985 on the Brooke Estate in Hartlepool, TS25 5JU, it consists of 56 mixed properties of 2 bedroom bungalows and 1 or 2 bedroom flats/apartments. It has one primary access road which divides into two within the grounds, and many of the properties look out onto one of two main green areas. Whilst it's not a gated community, the layout makes it feel quite secure and in many ways it seems like a small village.   For convenience there is a small parade of local shops, a post office, and public transport within walking distance from the estate.

All estate properties are leasehold, and new residents need to be aware that purchasing a property on the estate includes an additional  monthly service charge, as well as payment of a fee (the 'sinking fund') on the sale or transfer of their property. The lease document, as well as the responsibilities of residents are detailed on this website.

The Sycamores estate is managed by a combination of a management agent, the company director, and secretary of the Sycamores Residents Association (the 'SRA').  The director and committee are elected by the owner/residents of the SRA, the managing agent is employed by the director and committee on behalf of the owner/residents.



May 11, 2020

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