Hierarchy of the SRA Ltd

A summary of the roles and responsibilities of the people who have been either elected or employed on behalf of the Residents to look after their interests. 


Definition and description

Official Officers of the Company The Directors

A company needs directors to act and make decisions on its behalf. Directors are responsible for making sure that legal rules governing the company as laid out in the Memorandum of Association and the Lease are complied with.

Full details of these including the company secretary can be found here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/02414835/officers

  Company Secretary

The company secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented. Despite the name, the role is not clerical or secretarial.

Employee's of the Company The Managing Agent

The managing agent makes sure that the Landlordís responsibilities, as set out in the long leases, are undertaken correctly and fully. They set up all the maintenance contracts for the common parts, the cleaning, maintenance of the lifts, the communal electricity, lighting and so on, in order that the building is kept clean, functions correctly and is properly maintained.


It is the responsibility of the accountant to verify the accuracy of all money transactions and to make sure that all these transactions are legal and follow current guidelines.

Note:  Questions have had to be asked when money has gone missing from the Sycamores account and no satisfactory answer was given - not a good recommendation for an accountant.


The responsibilities of a solicitor generally include: Advising clients on legal matters relevant to their cases. Taking instructions from clients.

Elected Bodies The Committee

The committee are elected at the AGM and is made up of the Director (who also holds the position of Treasurer and Chairperson), the Company Secretary, and 2 other members from the estate community.

Note: as of January 27, 2020 there are no elected members on the committee, it now consists of directors appointed by 'themselves', this means they are a law unto themselves and are answerable to no one!

  The Directors and Company Secretary

These are elected by the committee only, the residents do not have any say as to who holds these positions, and are unable to remove them from these positions. 


May 11, 2020

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