Discrepancy found in the 2017/18 Annual Acount

The Sinking Fund discrepancy of £680 - this has already been queried on the website and is a reminder to the managing agent that hopefully she will be able to inform the residents as to the outcome of her endeavours to recover the missing amount in the very near future, and if not to explain why.  To date there has been no response from the managing agent!   Update Dec 10, 2019 - This matter appears to be resolved - please click here.


Discrepancy found in the 2012 Annual Acount

11/10/17: A discrepancy of £600 was found in the 2012 Account, clarification was requested from managing agent/accountant with regard to the re-calculation of of the Expenses total.  He responded on 7/11/17 stating that this was a typo error, but no clarification on why the account had been recalculated has been qualified.  The director and committee choose to ignore this discrepancy!



May 11, 2020

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