Response via the website and email to communications from the company solicitor


The latest email to the company solicitor on 9/7/18

Dear Mr. ....... 

I refer to your letter of 25th June, 2018  when you stated that you were proceeding to issue relevant court papers, can you confirm the following:

  • The actual date you applied to the court to kick start the proceedings

  • On what specific grounds you have decided to take such action.

Thank you in advance for providing the above information.

cc'd to The director and committee.

(note:  to date there has been no response to the above from any of the parties involved)


Website response regarding the Solicitors Letter received 12th June 2018

The Intimidation and bullying tactics continues!

This latest letter and all previous communications from the company solicitor are now being published In the interest of openness and transparency. These letters are a perfect illustration of the intimidation and bullying tactics the director and committee are prepared to use, at the expense of all residents (myself included) in their attempts deny their culpability and to prevent freedom of speech by attempting to close down the website (or take control of its content). 


Website response in the form of an Open Letter to the Director and Committee regarding the threatening letter from the company solicitor dated 12/6/18

Once again the SRA Ltd director and committee have employed their solicitor in another attempt to intimidate and bully me into taking down the Unofficial Sycamores website.

The communication threatens me with an injunction based on claims of ‘potentially defamatory implications’,  that the content is of a potentially offensive nature’ and that any and all claims made by the website are ‘entirely false’. It demands, as have previous communications - that the website is taken down immediately, and states that it will only allow the website to continue if the website simply provides community information, such as meeting times.

Apart from the obvious desire which the director and committee have to prevent freedom of speech, as well as to prevent anyone from questioning their lack of transparency in accounting, their nepotistic behaviour in awarding contracts, and their genuinely offensive and bullying behaviour towards any resident who asks reasonable questions of them  - the director and committee must realise that using their solicitor to attempt to intimidate in this way has not worked in the past, nor will it work now. All they are doing is wasting the residents' money – mine included – since we are the ones who pay the bill for their ridiculous decisions.  

Should they decide to continue in their quest and actually manage to take out injunction against myself and the website – I will be absolutely delighted, since they will of course have had to explain and justify themselves to the authorities, ultimately to a judge – exactly why they are attempting to take the action at all.

Some points which may be worth considering:

1)    Generally, people who take legal action have a case which can be proven, which might be a problem in this case where denying everything on the website – saying that it isn’t true – will be rather difficult to explain.

2)   Everything on the website is and has been open to challenge ever since its launch, there has been an open invitation for anyone to have their say about any of the content and I have always made clear my willingness to publish it whether it is good bad or indifferent.  The director and the committee may need to explain why they have not at any point communicated with me directly or via the website – as they could have at any point – before resorting to these repeated legal threats.

3)   Because a lot of the issues raised on the website relate to or stem from the lack of accountability and transparency with regard to financial matters, the director and the committee will no doubt have to explain why they have repeatedly failed to give a full breakdown of the Repairs and Maintenance Expenses in the Annual Accounts, something which has been asked for on a regular basis but has been repeatedly refused.

4)   Given that the director and committee continue to behave so improperly towards anyone who asks reasonable questions of them, even to the point of using community funds to make legal threats in order to silence myself and the website – in the event any legal action ensues, I will consider counter action.

I look forward to any legal action which is taken by director and the committee and the increased attention (not only from the website but possibly from the local press) which will be brought to bear on all of the issues which I have been seeking to clarify since launching the website.


email response sent back to the company solicitor on 7/12/17

Dear Mr. J....... 

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 1/12/17 and have taken on board it’s contents. 

Can you please specify clearly on what grounds you are considering taking legal action against me as your letter does not actually state why, you will appreciate that for me to make an informed decision I need to have all the facts to hand. 


(note: The company solicitor did not respond to this email )