2/12/18 Update

After further thought on the matter, I have decided not to seek redress for the statements made in the AGM 2018 Minutes and I withdraw my request for an apology from the director and committee.

Considering how the director and committee performed during the AGM itself, and the lengths they went to in order to humiliate me in front of the other residents with their lies and unfounded accusations, I feel it would be a pointless excercise and a complete waste of my time to persue the matter.   


Given the serious nature of the accusations levied by the director and committee which were included in the AGM Minutes 2018 Official Document, they should remember that this document stands as a 'true record' of the events which took place at the AGM and cannot be altered even if they wished to do so.  Hopefully by now they will have realised just how serious this matter is and that in future they will be a bit more careful as to how the events are recorded in the minutes.

It would be interesting to see what evidence they have to support their accusations and the reasons which led them to their decision to attempt destroy my reputation and good name within the community. 


Defamation of character


Over the past 15 months since the website was launched, I have attempted to encourage the director and committee of the company to be open, honest, transparent and accountable.  Unfortunately these attempts have been met with subterfuge at every turn all of which has been documented here on the website.

On a personal level I have been subject to attempted bullying, intimidation, ostracization, a petition which does not bear close scrutiny, and threats of legal action since day one, and ultimately informed that it would be best if I moved.  After the issue of the 2018 AGM Minutes, the director and committee have finally crossed a red line by allowing false accusations and lies to be stated within what is a Legal Document.  This is in affect ‘Defamation of character’ by any stretch of the imagination and totally unacceptable from an elected body.


A Statement from the Website Owner

The website has been exceptionally busy this week as the site hits show,visitors have taken the trouble to look at the majority of the content and will now be fully aware of what the director and committee of the SRA are attempting to do: shut the website down (censor and gag anyone on the estate who questions their behaviour, not least on financial matters).  It is now time to get back to normal. 

The door remains open for the director and committee to proceed with their continued threats of legal action if they so wish, however, as previously pointed out, there could be unwanted consequences, those may include various authorities being asked to investigate such as HMRC, the local media of course who would no doubt have a field day with the story, not to mention the risk of counter legal action being taken against them not only collectively, but individually for colluding with the director and allowing the inappropriate use of residents money, they are legally responsible for their actions as committee members.

I am reluctant to to go down that route due to the damage which could be done to the estate however I will if necessary, so I appeal to the director and committee to see sense and do the right thing in the interests of all concerned especially the owner/residents.  The offer outlined in a previous open letter still stands, all that has ever been required of them is to be transparent and accountable for their actions and decisions with regard to where the residents service charge is spent. 

Most recently at the AGM when they were questioned about why after numerous requests had been made, that the breakdown of the Repairs & Renewal expenses had not been issued to the residents, the director stated:




January 8, 2021

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